Summer – Swimwear

The swimwear summer 2010 is already being sold in stores even with this anticipation after the world of fashion forever. The swimwear 2010 ja appears on parades, especially in São Paulo Fashion Week and Fashion Rio. The traditional Halter bikinis, panties, panties tie always normal are returning the beaches.

This season, the summer fashion appears much more daring, lively and stylish.

Asymmetric shapes, embossed graphics, abstract designs (forests) and geometric patterns, neon colors are this season. The paisley appears more shy, few foreign collections. The flat pieces follow the station color chart and some colors appeared with more emphasis: old gold, sand, red, lime green, yellow and pastels.

2010 beach parts appear with moorings, strips of cloth that wrap the body (“bandage”) and rags to pieces that give a sophisticated and sensual air. Lycra strips involve the body and everything appears clipped. The secret is right here – in lycra crafted in a variety of ways, the burden in many collections for the draped.This ensures a sophisticated, modern and sensual wife hyper. What’s not so democratic, since it only looks great on slender bodies, which reinforces the cult of the perfect body.

On the other hand, the bathing suits appear with a long cloth. The swimwear becomes a little more democratic. Are with larger sizes, lower arches and, in some cases, appear with sleeves. Following this trend, “full of cloth”. The bras are larger and in many collections appear with structured bulges – even those strapless and, especially, the “front”.

One shoulder only – who had already appeared in Beach fashion 2009, coyly especially in foreign brands (Gucci, Victoria’s Secret, Hervé Léger), now comes with everything and is everywhere. The watchword: shoulders! The focus is to the shoulders. That’s why we see all to appreciate them: just one shoulder, strapless, with many details to this region. Such works value Bras that can even be used as tops on sunny days.

Another important aspect in this fashion summer 2010 season are the ties (Salinas). Replace those details of metal and stones from other seasons. Give a romantic air to the pieces. Ties everywhere! Surprisingly romantic.

Swimsuits and bikinis

The size of the panties are varied, depends on each collection. However, the general trend is to decrease, little parts, “cortininhas”, many in diagonal line.

Summer is really promising to be devastating and you logically already tuned in all this to come and you can organize and destroy!