Summer Sleeping Bags Camping

You plan to practice for a few days a sport outdoors, such as hiking and camping? Do not forget your sleeping bag, essential equipment for sleeping and protect against rain and cold.

The principle of the sleeping bag is to allow your body to keep warm. To help you find the right sleeping bag, Solentbay proposes to carry out a comparative test between two sleeping bags that are distinguished by several criteria.

The sleeping bag Wilsa Light Ratifa lightweight is ideal for summer camps. It is highly compressible, which is an advantage for storage in his bag, it is compact and lightweight. His weight / volume / thermicity is effective. His great strength is thus its weight and volume it occupies in the bag, but it is also very comfortable. Only downside, its extreme temperature is 0 ° C while its comfort temperature is 14 ° C. This bag is perfect for summer but to forget for the winter.

On 800zipcodes, sleeping bag Millet Baikal 750REG also has the advantage of being very light and compact. Its lining is reinforced for improved comfort in terms of thermal protection. It is ideal for fresh or warm nights under canvas. Its comfort temperature is 10 ° C and the extreme temperature is to -6 ° C. It represents an excellent quality / price ratio.

Choose here your sleeping bag and take it with you everywhere this summer!