Summer Equals Ice-Time

This monthly statement shows that several have gotten Ice Cream Sandwich-however, is still the most widespread Gingerbread on the Android platform.

The latest statement of Android versions now shows that the Android platform has got a little more ice cream eaters. There are now 15.9 per cent Android devices that have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich installed on their device.
And only now two major updates later (three if Honeycomb included) is Gingerbread by, losing a bit of its market share. Since the last monthly statement is Gingerbread dropped by 3.4 percent. In all, however, still on Gingerbread, more than half of all Android devices with a market share of 60.6 percent.

Looking at the older versions so have Elclair and Froyo still together more market share than the Android versions that have come after Gingerbread, with respectively 4.2 and 15.5 percent.