Sugary Ideas For The Cake Buffet

The eye not only eats, it also enjoys! – And numerous occasions offer you the opportunity to prove this with your cake buffet. Whether for a birthday, for a wedding, for schooling or for the summer festival, no matter what the occasion, finest pastries make the day something special. With loving decorations the favorite pastry can be turned into a magical work of art for every celebration. The sweet cake decoration is the icing on the cake, which will make your loved one smile on the faces and make for a sweet eye-catcher on every coffee table. Together with our partner Dr. Oetker, we will give you practical tips, inspiring recipes and useful background knowledge for decorating cakes, cakes, muffins and biscuits over the coming months. Be curious!

Simply Sugary: Decorate The Pastry Individually With Fondant

Delicious baked foods without sweet decors are like a day without smiles. It works, but the icing on the cake – or as we would say, “the sugar icing icing”-is missing. Fondant (“melting”) is the name for a soft, pasty sugar mass used for the production of various confectionery products. As a shapable, supple mass, it is versatile-for example, for decorating cakes and cakes, for cutting out motifs, but also for modeling shapes.Whether elaborate cakes, delicious cake creations or small sweet treats-as you can make sweet and individual artworks with Fondant to your heart’s content, you will step by step in our DIY portal.

The elegant dress for every cake: The Dr. Oetker White Fondant blanket wraps cake and pies into a fine, pasty sugar mass, which you can then further decorate after heartache. The practical: The white fondant blanket is already rolled out and can be used immediately. So all hobby-confectioners can professionally dress your cake with fondant or make the pastry of the coffee table out of their pastries.

Roll the fondant blanket and smooth it slightly. Lay the fondant cover with the foil (top) in the center and place it as smooth as possible on the cake. Carefully peel off the foil and smooth the fondant blanket from the center with your hands and press on the side of the cake. Small air bubbles under the ceiling can be carefully pricked with a pin and smooth with the fingers.

You can leave the cake elegant in its classic white dress. But if this is too boring, you can now let your creativity run wild and decorate the white fondant blanket as you wish.With small fondant blossoms, a celestial blossom pie becomes from the cake . For a colorful birthday cake you can create small balloons from colored fondant and spread them on the white cake dress – A nice surprise for big and small birthday children. For baptism, you can simply make the name of the baptism out of fondant and decorate the cake with baby clothes. On the most beautiful day in life, one must not be missing: the bride and groom. Decorated three-storey and decorated with small pink fondant hearts, it is somewhat more elaborate in the production, but it is a very special eye-catcher. Not only will you enjoy the wedding party, but also make it an unforgettable day.

With the white decor fondant blanket, you can not only dress round cakes and tarts wonderfully. It is also ideal for heart or box cake. You might like something special? Then you can create with the fondant blanket from a box cake also a sugar-coatedhandkerchief. To the coffee gossip with the best friends or as a special birthday cake – With this self-designed handbag you prepare your girlfriends a great pleasure. We’ll show you how to do it in our DIY tutorial.

Small but nice: cakes in mini format or small pastry are in many hot coveted and provide for a lot of variety on the cake table. Magically decorated, they are an absolute palate and visually a real eye-catcher. Dr. Oetker decor fondant in the colors red, green and whiteoffers you almost endless design possibilities and enchants your backs in a variety of ways. Similar to marzipan, the decor fondant can be rolled out, cut out or formed. In just a few steps, you can decorate miniature cakes, muffins, cookies, etc. individually and give your cake circles a special touch.

You are looking for a nice idea for the children’s birthday or the summer festival? With the Dr. Oetker decor fondant in the colors green and red, small whoopie frogs and whoopia beetles are transformed into simple cookies. Your child’s eye will surely radiate! For the next picnic or as a sweet soup, muffins can be decorated with small flowers, colorful windmills or ladies’ summer hats. The little ones make a good look and come with everyone well.

For many children now the schooling is approaching and a new life section is about to happen. So that the first day of schooling is very special for all schoolchildren, we still have a sugary surprise in our luggage: cute schooling muffins. They are well received by all small and large guests!

Muffins, cakes and tarts are turned into real jewelery when you are lovingly decorated and heartbroken. Let your creativity go wild-We wish you a lot of fun with decorating with Fondant and Co.