Stuffing Free Dog Bed

Dog beds are one of the most expensive accessories you can buy your dog. A good bed will run you more than $100. This money can go to much better use as dog food and vet bills if you make your own dog bed.

Things You’ll Need: 
A cloth or towels
Polyfill cushions or
Needle and thread or a sewing machine
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Find some extra fabric around the house that will be durable enough for a dog bed. If you do not have any fabric found some old bath towels. Their measurement to be the size you need for your dog to comfortably lie down and sleep.

Trim cloths or cloths so that it has a top and bottom layer which are equal in size. Be careful when making cuts on fabric, especially if it is material found around the house that can not be replaced. Measure twice and cut once saying is old carpenter, and it applies here.

Sew along the long sides and one end of the bed. At this point you should have a large cloth bag. Use a sewing machine or by hand, stitch, simply ensure the seam is sufficiently durable to resist wear your dog.

Find some extra polyfill (cotton – ish substance used to stuff pillows) or find some old cushions when not in use and remove the stuffing. Press down enough of this in the bag so that it will lie and your dog can quickly fit.

Finish by sewing bed of the final hand, so that none of the filling can escape according to petwithsupplies.