Stroke Exercises to Gain Speed

The strokes are running sweeps in one direction and in the opposite hands, always looking to take hand in proper angles to grab the water and thus propel us in the desired direction.

Stroke Exercises to Gain Speed

As a general rule, we tend to rely on their hands to propel us, what makes us a faster wear. To avoid this, I propose to learn to concentrate our strength on the forearms, which are stronger and better will endure the thrust. The hand and the forearm should form a block that will move altogether.

In addition, it is recommended to not open elbows too because it will weaken us movement and power.

The strokes make work movements of hands placing a greater emphasis on inward and outward movements getting ‘props’ more effective with your hands, why are advised to gain speed.

Today we will see 4 types of strokes that you can make with you a pull-buoy between the legs. To perform these exercises with greater efficiency, it is recommended to carry out paddling with the fingers together, except the thumb, so feel the water with the palms of the hands. The aim is to catch all the water as you can.

The first exercise consists in nothing face down with hands forward, trying not to move the arms too possible while staying extended as shown in the illustration:

The following exercise is still swimming from Commit4fitness, mouth down with arms at an angle of 90 degrees, hands in median plane out with the gesture as if we echáramos water into each of the sides:

In the third exercise arms and hands will be backwards, almost attached to the body and very slightly flexing the elbows:

In the last financial year, will swim your back with the hands backwards taking them almost up to the surface.

These are only some exercises of strokes, sure many others occur to you, and even if you are interesting we can write more in other entries. Encourage you to share with us your opinions and comments!

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