Stripes Trendy in the Spring in Coiled Good Mood Looks

Discreet stripes or eye-catching block strips, classic maritime or brightly colorful: stripes are high on the trend list this spring! The fact that (cross) strips emphasize the figure unfavorably, has long since been overtaken by a huge variety of different stripe looks.

Free for one of the most casual and multi-faceted patterns that gives us trendy looks. Whether discreetly dosed stripe basics or a skilfully-daring mix of patterns with the cool stripes: stripes were never as varied as now and go with us trendicher on forays!

Smooth variety: Classic stripe patterns of two-color, equal-width stripes, such as the navy style, eye-catching block strips or a colorful strip mix in several colors are just three of the many varieties we are now “on the road”. Even graphic strip interpretations, zig-zag patterns, crosswise, longitudinal or even diagonal stripes ensure style success all along the line! No matter in what color, in what direction and in what width: Ringel rock!

Longitudinal stripes-The figure flatterers!Vertical stripes are masters of optical illusion, because they automatically make us appear narrower according to businesscarriers. Longitudinal stripes can be used as a basic in the form of trousers, a skirt, a blazer, a sweater or a dress. Currently popular are pants with a wide leg such as marlene or palms, sailor pants or culottes. Vertical strips, for example in the form of an airy shirt blouse dress or a suit (whether with a long or short leg, also a hot trend theme in this season), can be employed.Longitudinal stripes are perfect to conceal the perceived problem zones: those who have a wide range or a small tummy, works through a striped upper part of narrow, broad hips or thighs conjure up a striped trousers or skirt more slender.

Strips as a “curve maker”: To create the perfect hourglass silhouette, strips can be used as skillful figure shapers: longitudinal stripes, whose course at the waist (eg by a belt) becomes narrower, emphasize the figure just as advantageously as stripes, Directions or their width varies.With dresses and skirts the optical illusion succeeds particularly effectively. Stripes, which become wider from the body center upwards and downwards, also make the figure look slimmer.The game of contrasts also automatically slows us down.

The Best Rules: Stripes Are Styled

Stripes are not only good mood, they are also real transformation artists! We have collected the best tips for strip outfits with increased trend potential:

Strip Basics: Ringelshirts are real wardrobe classics, which basically never go out of style! At the moment, striped longsleeves and shirts are competing with fashionable tops such as strapped Oversize sweaters or box-cut crop tops made of “sturdy” material, which are ideal for chic looks. For relaxed casual looks, make cross strips on t-shirts, longsleeves and sweaters most like having jeans common thing. Whether a skirt or trousers: in combination with a single-colored lower part, a striped sweater gets a solid base, the torn jersey or knitted dress is matched by plain tights (perhaps in a color that grips the stripes).

Maritime strip: Whether narrow or wide: stripes are an indispensable component of the marine look, which now features high-waist-sailor pants (typical: further leg cut, high waistband as well as two-sided decorative button row along the side impact pockets), blazers with gold buttons and shoulder flaps Fulminant comeback. The classics of the look are strips in blue or red plus white-no matter whether on tops, t-shirts, longsleeves, blazers or dividers. Also striped accessories in the marinestile refresh a look instantly. Beautifully casual, yet maritime: stripes to denim, for example in the form of a figure-hugging jeans trouser with gold details or a dungarees, which remains a trendy companion for another spring.

Stripes of good mood: stripes in colorful colors and in varying width make an outfit a real eye-catcher! Summery looks are colorful and uncluttered and casual, for example in the form of an airy jumpsuit or a comfortable Maxikleids in a striped look. Color is therefore not only permitted with classic “Two-Tone-Stripes”, but also in Multicolour.

Pure stripes: With single-color combi-patches, which even take on the strip colors, can be created without much effort trendy looks for different occasions. A striped skirt to the classicblouse or the casual denim shirt, a straightened shirt to the jeans or a striped dress to the single-colored trenchcoat function both in casual and chic.

Strip Mix: Mixing different stripes with each other or with other designs is something for styling-advanced with fashion courage! So that the look harmoniously, to a common color tone or several recurring colors set. Strips also fit into floral patterns, graphic prints, or classic patterns such as checks, pepita, or cock stepping.