Strappy Bra: the New Summer Looks Fever!

Hello my lovelies, how are you? This week goes by fast huhuuu (holiday is good so the week gets shorter kkkk). The hunch is a piece that has already made the head of the ladies when our Muse Gisele in your farewell of the walkways. Who remembers the strappy bra? Hi? What is this? KKK is that top cops everywhere! Yes, he turned to fever and today is considered a key piece of the summer looks. Who remembers how the BRA has been discreet, colorful, stamped, “invisible” and even retired. But the play, before seen as mere supporting character in the garment, now no longer purely utilitarian to take the spotlight on the look. Has become the preferred item of celebrities and us mortals we can acquire them and parade them around, he gives a super featured in the production.

A super tip is use with clothes more dug or low-cut on the front, back and the transparent too. The play comes against the tendency to leave the lingerie shows. But now, he gets full attention and can not only as it should be seen. Sometimes, it’s the initial piece to start composing the look. What woman doesn’t want to let the modern look and amazing?

You know that fear we have to let the shoulder strap of the BRA popping up? Well … the Strappy Bra came to end all this according to PROGRAMINGPLEASE. They are tops or Bras with straps that were made to appear even, and become the centerpiece of the production. I doubt that haven’t seen a key piece of the summer, I personally think liinda, and I see the pictures of the booming instagram, actually fell in the taste of Brazil! He has the power to transform a basic look stylish. The strips can be thin or thick, both create a geometric design on the skin and are used with basic tops and low-cut or with transparent fabrics. The cool thing is that with the Strappy Bra can abuse the cleavage without being vulgar, quite the opposite, creating a composition is amazing and look mega nifty.