Stone Jeans: How to Use

A piece that promises to become a true hit of the next station is the stone jeans. Fashion expects to highlight especially the trousers with light washes and some traces of dark jeans in the finish.

The stone, also called jeans faded, is a different piece to wear on a daily basis, he allows a look charming and relaxed stripped, therefore ideal for casual moments.

Estonada aesthetics is not just in jeans, but also in jackets, short shorts and skirts. The pieces become even more customized when the fabric destroyed, i.e. shredded or worn.

The main brands of jeans already invest in the production of estonadas parts, such as Ellus, m. Officer and Triton. Even the Lunender already has a estonada jeans in your collection, that meets the requirements of plus size silhouette.

How To Make Jeans Estonados?

Who can’t afford to buy a designer suit can make your faded jeans at home. Check out the Walk through:

  1. In a spray bottle, add a little water and bleach.
  2. Spray the solution on jeans piece, choosing places that will be clearer.It is important to spray enough so that there is no failure.
  3. repeat the same procedure on the other side of the piece.
  4. Put the piece to dry in the Sun, so thestone effect will be sharper. There is also the possibility of imposing spikes or do some frayed.

Tips For Using Stone Jeans

Check out some tips to hit the use of stone jeans:

The technique of faded jeans is perfect for reusing old parts and worn.

Time to fade the fabric, it is important to take care that he might not stay green.

If the woman wants to ride a rocker look, so she can combine your stone jeans with a t-shirt or band t-shirts well relaxed.

Running shorts jeans stone is in the height of fashion, particularly after the singer Lexter started to use it repeatedly. The piece is all off and is usually combined with other items that are on the rise, as the top cropped.

The faded jeans is not recommended for formal situations.

The stone jeans is not limited to punk universe, on the contrary, it can be incorporated into the casual looks.

The woman seeking a relaxed and sensual look can bet on the use of a short Shorts worn that leaves the legs showing. To contrast, worth investing in a blouse shut.

Besides the sneakers, the stone also combines jeans with ankle boots, sandals and slippers.

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