Stockholm Winter Jacket

Riksskalden Orup may illustrate today’s reflection on a Stockholm where the snow is gently folded into temporary rest this weekend. As the cold will also need warmer clothing and trend of winter jacket as status symbol seems to continue even in years.

A few years ago, North American Canada Goose over Sweden. First, all have the jackets, then had too many jackets and it was inflation trend. The result was that many slit off the mark from the jackets in order to prove that the jacket was purchased at Intershippingrates for its heat-retaining qualities and not for the prize and the brand’s sake.

This year’s Goose-the trend is definitely over. Now comes the jacket instead from Arctic fox.
Fjallraven Expedition Down Jacket now visible everywhere in downtown Stockholm and is tipped by many as one of the year’s Christmas presents in competition with flat-panel televisions and iPods.

As a resident in the North, I have had reason to try that jacket in connection with private purchases of winter jacket last year and can only marvel at the illogical in this trend. The Arctic fox jacket is to kvarm and very good for full days in the biting cold. That inner city jacket is completely useless. The Arctic fox ‘ s own Web site presented the jacket in Polarsegment “for challenges in cold climates”. To work and live in Stockholm may be a challenge in itself, but anyone who has ever visited our capital know that here there is hardly any polar climate.

Until someone more than I come out with this filled downtown Stockholm with wandering, huvudfotingar (the similarity between teenagers with spindly legs sticking out under the dunbolstret and those children drawing symbols are striking) and if it were crowded before, it’s nothing against how the holiday shopping season will be experienced in years. Stockholm’s restaurant owners are already concerned about developments since their wardrobes now fills up much faster than is customary.