Stepless Dimming Without Dimmer

LED and dimmers had until recently a very tense relationship. As desirable as the connection was, it did not work well with the trampaar for a modern, efficient and brightness-controllable light. Today, there are already a lot of dimmable LED-based lighting fixtures that can cope with the most common dimmers. Also at you will find retrofit products in incandescent lamp form and compatibility lists of dimmers with which the manufacturers have tested their LED.

Your lighting solution is not equipped with a dimmer, but you would like to adjust the brightness individually according to ambient lighting and mood?
 We have good news for you: Dimmen was yesterday, today is clicked.

Carusshines Once Again Through Technical Progress

With the innovative
 CARUS Dim by Click solution, the manufacturer from the Hessian Fronhausen near Marburg proves once again its innovative power and technical performance.

Without a dimmer, only with an ordinary light switch, the brightness of the CARUS Dim by Click products is infinitely dimmable. This works in any lamp that you have equipped with the CARUS Dim by Click from our shop.

Sorcery? No, because the dimmer is already integrated in the light source in miniaturized form. What happens under the glass flask, however, does not need to be loaded. For you as a user, Dim by Click works quite simply and can be operated intuitively: pressing the switch turns on the lamp as usual. Now press the switch two times in quick succession – the double-click, which you may know from the computer mouse. This is the start of the dimming process, which allows the brightness of a maximum of 600 lumens, roughly equivalent to a 50 watt bulb, to be reduced to only 15 to 20 lumens. Once the desired brightness has been reached, stop dimming with a double-click.

In order to avoid having to re-trigger this control every time you need the lamp in full brightness, the brightness is reset with the power off, and the lamp starts again with the highest power every time you switch on, until you double-click a new Dim- Start the process. So simple can be complex technology!

Without Dimmer Even More Economical

 products “Made in Germany” are already a fixed size in the market for friends of high-quality lighting technology. Sustainable use of resources and environmentally responsible production processes are important corporate objectives. CARUS has already been awarded several awards, for example by largely dispensing with aluminum and adhesives, which also makes it possible to recycle the products in a particularly simple manner. The individual parts of a CARUS illuminant can be easily returned to the recyclable material chain after disassembly. Highly automated production and short transport distances to customers in Europe not only help to save the environment, but also reduce costs. CARUS does not have to fear the competition from the Far East neither qualitatively nor because of the price level.

The goal of climate protection is also to be attributed to the Dim by Click technology.
 What at first sight is only convenient and easy to use, makes the economical LED lighting even more efficient in the second look. Even without dimming, the power consumption of the LED at full brightness drops to only 8 watts compared to almost 50 watts, which would emit a light bulb. But also a dimmer consumes energy. With CARUS Dim by Click, your current meter will only run as fast as the selected brightness of the LED requires. Electricity is no longer wasteful as waste heat.

Popular Light Bulbs In Multipack

Many of our customers are already convinced by the product advantages and the high quality of the CARUS Dim by Click lamps.
 In order to promote the furnishing of larger apartments or business premises with Dim by Click, we have decided to offer the advanced incandescent lamp replacement also in the Sparpacks with three, six or twelve units.

If you
 look for CARUS light at, look at the next evolutionary stage: CARUS Warm by Click does not just change the brightness, but also creates an appropriate control of the color temperature according to the same principle as dimming Sunrise and sunset for the home.