Step by Step to Unravel the Jeans

The jeans detonated is the height of fashion. It ensures the Assembly of a look, modern and full of stripped personality. The aesthetics of the pieces is usually characterized by the imperfection and from the looks worn.

Some celebrities already have the jeans detonated as a trademark, as in the case of Pip and Sabrina Sato. The two beauties invest in short shorts ripped, faded and frayed, that besides leaving the look stylish, also serve to put her legs flailed in evidence in the production.

The jeans detonated accepts various combinations. It can be used with sneakers and a t-shirt or band with high-heeled sandals and silk shirt. Anyway, the choice of pieces depends on the occasion.

The appearance is only present in not detonated short jeans, but also in his pants, skirt, vest and jacket that are made with this type of fabric. The pieces are casual, rescue the punk fashion and make success especially among younger women.

The shredded is one of the main features of jeans detonated. Many brands of clothing have incorporated this way, but women can also do this kind of details at home.

Learn How To Unravel The Jeans

Check out the following step-by-step to unravel the jeans:

  1. take the piece you will unravel and put to machine wash.After centrifugation, remove the jeans still humid.
  2. Use abutter knife to puncture the site where it will be shredded. After drilling, keep ripping.
  3. Pass the butter knife on the jeans.Repeat several times to get a good effect shredded. The movement should be fast and short must be well supported.
  4. When the white part of the jeans start to appear, it means that the article is already very frayed.


-The use of the knife is interesting because she is able to open a hole already shredded.

-Some jeans take longer to unravel.

– Jeans with lots of lycra no challenges.

-DIY work can also be accomplished with razor blade, but the process tends to be longer.

-The ideal composition of the jeans to be shredded is 2% elastane and 98% cotton.

-Many professionals use a Sander suitable for jeans to make shredded effect.

-To wear the jeans, worth investing in wash out with bleach.

– The play will acquire even more personality with the application of spikes and stones.

– If the shredded is done in hemlines or short jeans, so you need to use tweezers to pull the loose little hairs.

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