Startup Creates Helmet with Safety Lighting And Direction Indication

With the increase of the number of cyclists in the big cities, also the concern with the security of the same ones, especially at night.

Startup Creates Helmet with Safety Lighting And Direction Indication

It was thought that a startup company from Boston, United States, created the Lumos, a helmet that not only protects the cyclist’s head, but also avoids accidents by increasing the visibility of the user.

60 high-brightness LEDs, embedded in Lumos’s faucet, provide efficient safety lighting that can be viewed from any angle. In addition, the helmet has a steering system, commanded by a wireless remote control installed on the bicycle handlebars. When it is activated, the control will emit an intermittent beep, to warn the rider and prevent him from forgetting the connected arrow.

The helmet also has an internal accelerometer that activates the rear lights when the rider slows down, working as well as a break light.

Both the helmet and the remote control are totally waterproof, and can be used even in heavy rain. The Lumos is powered by a 100 mAh battery, which can be recharged in about 2.5 hours via a micro USB port. The manufacturer ensures that a battery charge can last up to a week, with the helmet being used for 30 minutes a day.

Like any helmet sold in the United States, it has CSPC safety certification, and is also certified by the European standard EN1078.

To make it viable on a commercial scale, Lumos developers are raising funds through the Kicksarter collective financing site. Production is forecast to begin in January 2016, with sales starting in April of the same year.

The estimated sale price of the Lumos helmet is $ 170.