Spring Summer

Fashion spring/summer of 2010, comes with different animal prints and come with everything, the streets of Brazil will be the real Safari in Africa, giraffe, Zebra, horizontal and vertical stripes are the prints that will be on the rise next season, sets up the brightness by me in during the day.

In addition to the strong colors, lighter colors like cream, pastel, what will really make a difference are the colors that attract attention as green, yellow, blue, red, orange.

Patterned dresses, mini, midi or maxi, of any type or length they will be in all the bodies, tying a belt around the waist to form for silhouette.
A floral dress is easy to use and will be the focus.

You will be also using trendy blazers that is key element, pants waist-high to improve the shape and stretch the legs, skirts the years 60.

It takes five pieces scatter symbols to always be in fashion:

Basic dress: sexy and charming, the black dress is an indispensable part of the female wardrobe.

Jeans: relaxed, simple and sexy, the famous jeans can be casual or elegant, it all depends on how the pieces are combined.

High heels: giving elegance and a charming, any woman feel more feminine. Black, Brown, gray and color of skin colors are scatter symbols that combine in any look.

Purse: smooth and neutral colors such as white, black and beige, give freedom to wear colorful clothes and stamped.

Sunglasses: sunny or cloudy, besides the protection sunglasses suggest charm. Without makeup use sunglasses.

How are key parts deserve special care at the time of choice even if they are a little more expensive is worth the investment. The good brand lasts a lot longer.