Spring 2015 Trends Denim

Denim, denim, denim. Who does not have a piece of this historic material in your wardrobe? I challenge anyone to say that I have at least a pair of jeans. And ‘the basis of our clothing is a must head, an evergreen, never out, never out of fashion.

So, it is right to talk about “return of jeans” as a trend for spring 2015? Many brands have revived the denim on the catwalks: from Victoria Beckham, dresses with dark color, to Valentino, with dresses V-neck extremely romantic, through the highstreet brands like ASOS, which proposes the miniskirt sdrammatizzandola jeans with sneakers, or River Island, with the collar to match the t-shirt.

It is sometimes of revisiting in a modern styles of the past: that decade saw the boom of jeans in all its forms and shades, in fact, if not the mythical ’90s? But hardly the jeans go out of style, because we are talking about a real pillar industry: chains such as Levi’s, Gap and J. Crew have done their workhorse, often renewing their denim line to encourage sales. They are dedicated to denim hundreds of websites and blogs, including Celebrities in Designer Jeans from denim skirts, who posts photos of celebrities wearing jeans, one of the most popular portals dedicated to the tissue and which has as its basis a real community of” lovers “denim.

The real success of this material lies mainly in its features: durable and versatile, always different thanks to the many variety of washes, cuts and patterns. Among other things it is known that more you wear jeans, become more beautiful, and it is better not to wash them often. In short, one end of which you can count on, always.

The jeans has been so often the protagonist of the red carpet: how can we forget the young couple formed by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake who, back in 2001, marched fair and smiling with an outfit paired in total denim? This risky choice, the two entered the annals of fashion and history of the same jeans, so much so that, more recently, Katy Perry has paid its tribute to them with a very similar outfits on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards of 2014. obviously Britney approved!

Jeans are a head of where you really can not do without: they are skinny, boyfriend, flared (model now in vogue), it is a shirt, a vest or a short, jeans are the friend who you do not ever want to give up, that, in difficult times of clothing crisis is there, ready to give you the right solution for every occasion.