Sports In Pregnancy

Sports in pregnancy
Finally pregnant! For many women, this is the start to finally quit the sport and nine months without having a bad conscience on the couch to relax. Sports in pregnancycould eventually harm the child, or?

In fact, the opposite is correct! Sports in pregnancy is very good for MOM and child, if both are healthy. During the nine months in the mother’s body a lot happened and she is fitter, the easier your fall changes.

The entire cardiovascular system is heavily stressed during the nine months. The ideal sport in pregnancy is therefore easier endurance. He improved the condition and relieve stress. Discuss with your doctor whether and how much you may move. Ideal are two to three times per week. The pulse should be here not higher than 140-150 beats per minute.

Relaxing sports such as Yoga or Pilates are a good addition to the endurance sports with faqs from Commit4fitness.

You can add exercise throughout pregnancy, you should not overdo it however.Especially during the first trimester, it is better if you take it slowly. Instead of jogging to her should go swimming or cycling.

Sports in pregnancy has many advantages. Studies have shown that babies come more vital in the world, if the women were active during pregnancy. The swings caused by the sports to promote the development of the child. In addition, movement improves body posture and prevents pregnancy complications such as venous congestion, calf cramps and hemorrhoids. Quite apart from the fact that sport is fun and releases many hormones of happiness!

On the next few pages we tell what sport you can drive safely in pregnancy and where you should be careful you.