Sports Headset Reviews

Sony NWZ-W273S

It is hard to imagine using any other type of headphones once you’ve tried this model of Sony. Besides being Wireless, it is that they are submersible and water up to two meters deep. As extra point, they have a built-in MP3 player that can store up to 1000 songs according to this blog.

Best price found: €64

Surprisingly, with a load time of three minutes offering all one hour play and, despite what may seem and the ‘luxury’ supposed them, nor will leave a big hole in your bank account. A very good choice.

Beats by Dr Dre Sport 2

Maybe Beats by Dr. Dre is not the brand cool and known in the market, since there are others that invest more in advertising. But if you’re willing to let a good sum of money on your headphones for exercise and get back the best sound and grip, then the sport 2 are exactly what you are looking for.

Best price found: €179
Their superior audio quality makes everything sound fresh and with great clarity. They are so light and comfortable that it is even easy to forget about to take them jobs. If you like money, we recommend them to you.

Sennheiser CX 685 Sports

The Sennheiser headphones are known for its sound quality. But in addition to a delivery of excellent audio, the CX 685 Sports also are impressively practical. Designed to fit in your ear without falling off and which remain tight without being uncomfortable.

Best price found: €39
They also have a handy remote control and a microphone to be able to answer calls. Its resistance to water and moisture also means you should not worry by sweat, although it is worth having some care with the remote control, since it is not fully protected from moisture.