Sports Equipment for Disabled Persons

Everyone should be able to exercise and play. Play is essential to the physical, sensory, intellectual and socioemotionella development of man. Sure, the disabled man gevak. He learns how to fly and join a group. He experiences not only its limitations but also its potential. In addition, it is a meaningful leisure time.With operating activities under the condition improves.There are all kinds of physical limitations: sing rig real, physical, conditionally or organic and multiple disabilities. There are people who are restricted from birth, and there are people who are temporarily or permanently restricted in later life due to illness or accident. We find them in different environments. It has limited influence on the whole personal ontlpooiing human.Each man has ever faced restrictions or are sick sometimes and then occasionally confronted with the consequences. It depends on the person how restrictions are perceived. If anyone has a persistent shortcoming is hindered by anatomical or physiological area and its normal function, then we are talking about a physical disability. In sports and games is set to disabled, often immediately recognizable. In this case, therefore, there are limitations because of a defect. With a number of sports and play games that disability is not so important, think of archery and chess. The choice and the possibilities of games and sports nus is determined by all the personality of a person.

Sports Equipment for Disabled Persons

According to andyoutdoor, the restrictions may be divided up as follows:

  • Sensory disabilities: hieronden fall deafness and hearing loss, blindness and visual impairments and speech difficulties.
  • Engine limitations: for example, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Conditionally or body constraints: one or several organs have a condition and physical condition will be affected, for example, people with COPD, diabetes, renal, cardiac, and vascular malformations.
  • More disability: more dysfunction. People with multiple disabilities throughout its development; both socially and emotionally, and cognitively.
  • The sick: the sick can also at home, in hospital or in an institution with play and sports activities will be activated. It is important that one is derived from the disease.

With sensory disabilities, it is important that you draw as an accompanist. They must be able to see or hear the coach well. Speak clearly, and it should be good eye contact. Many games commands must be found, or physical supports for the correct operating results and progress.
When an impaired person should also have a calm atmosphere, without too much distraction. It is important that there are as many fixed installations. Naming objects that get passed the player feel, smell and hear.
By d va or hearing, can you do a lot of the memory game, with sounds and words combined with objects or documents. Take advantage of the other senses: sight, touch and smell. Way frequently, in small steps.Avoid terrorist actions. Never approach any unnoticed from behind.
With mobility issues can ensure that the player feels safe. Do not put him in a position where he feels uncomfortable. Accentuate your other senses: hearing, sight and smell. Increases the ability to explore space. Use lightweight materials that muscle strength is reduced. There are uncontrolled movements when toys big and strong is a good thing.
Tips to control the game

  • Warning for compensation or opposition and aggressive towards the situation.
  • Look out for the indomitable heart, especially when it comes to the burden of disabled members.
  • Make use of various tools and adjustments, for example, soft balls, custom rules, a smaller playing field.
  • Does not help too much, help only when absolutely necessary.
  • Check that the resistance and obstacles are not too big. This creates additional tension.
  • Fun in the sport and games are most important. Encourage many, and be enthusiastic and be patient!

Rent rooms

This is a kennisquis. There are 16 boxes on the scoreboard. Only the corner points of the square are listed. These are 25 corners. For every correct answer to be two points using a dash connected to each other. If the answer is correct, the player can move on to the next question. If a player sees that he can make a square near, he may not place another mark. A team has the blue color and the other white team. Each filled square earns 1 point o a player whose turn it is said, when he has successfully completed the assignment examples. I want a hyphen in the left box 15 and 16 below. Which group has so most drawers closed?
This is followed by the second game, namely micro-macro. All boxes 16 is covered with a plate. One group starts to give an answer to a question, thought, action, or athletic or music education. Is well executed the order, then part of a photo or a drawing. Players must open a square, namely: first come first served 12 squares on the outside of the square at the turn, then internal 4. The player can choose which box.
One sees what it represents, in view of the number of points the boxes that are still closed. For example, there are still 16 of the 11 boxes closed and opened five and a player guess it posed, he served as 11 points. A player receives an x guess after he gave a good answer.

Grabbelton tournament

Each player picks a card from the grab bag. There are so many cards as a participant. In the tournament, a single or team competition is an example card 1A is captured, then the participant is looking for them with 1B. In a doubles tournament, a player short 4A for example, he is now looking for a that also has the 4A. These two students are now looking for the two players who have ticket 4B. Then it is played on a field of 4. It takes the same number of fields. It is played at a particular time, such as 7 minutes, or a certain way to play, such as: who has the first 15 points. The number of rounds is fixed. After each round there again gegrabbeld. On the scoreboard, you can specify the position of each player. A player can then several times the same partner or opponent auctions. Whoever gets the most competition points? This organization is best suited for individual, team sports and board games.Create a contest rules.

Probing Games

Curtains Games
There is a curtain with four openings. These openings are at chest height, in such a way that you cannot see out through the opening can. 2 players now come and chop his hands through the two openings.Behind the curtain, there are also two players. They give the players represents the canvas object in his hands. This can be up to 15 seconds before groped. Subsequently, these players are the two items first word, the first example, Bell feels a hand and the other a ball. The solution is then together: handball. Other examples are: Granary, bookcase, hand-shoe, finger hat, ball point pen, shoe-spoon etc.You can if the players won’t come at a time, changing the objects so that both players for both objects have referred. curtain. The team has done in five minutes later, most of the combinations?
The Wall
The players are blindfolded and stands with his face to the wall. They stand side by side at three meters. Mission: Now go around the room while you scan the wall in the classroom or gymnasium. Tell us what you come across. If necessary, plan a few extra items on the wall. Ask sometimes to players if they know where they are. Let them see ahead what is in the Hall.

Bounce Volleyball

On both halves of the volleyball court is six to eight players. It is played in a gymnasium. The nethoogte is 2 metres. A plow by hand from the repository or volleyball, and it is very nice, giant and over the net. The ball can also be stored by the other players on the net.
The intention is to hit the ball over the net at half of the other party in such a way that the ball two times in a row on the ground without bouncing the datg someone intervened. Then a point made. The ball can be beaten through the wall, the ceiling or the mains gevolleyd to the other side of the fist.The ball cannot be removed, there are no lines. There is only one page. The advice is: keep the ball high. Don’t let him twice in a row. Has the ball on the ground and then against the wall or on the net, you can bounce the ball once. The ball may, of course, in a battle over just been beaten. A player can also repeatedly hit the ball. It doesn’t have to be played over a maximum of 3 x. A team can, therefore, such as 10 x ball can become his own half of the pitch before the ball goes over the net.Bill and sequence for storing and shifting of the players are the same as volleyball.


You have 8 large, thick cardboard cores and a business, hold large plateau 80 x 120 cm is define a number of roles in succession and place the tray on the 2 peronen sitting on it. They have to go by depositing them on the ground. Rollers that are then released behind the plateau, picked up by the rear person and on to the front. The rear roller back to the front can be placed under the platform as shown. So the two groups can have a contest; the wheel back and forth..