Special Time GMT Louis Vuitton? Luxury Watch without Time

Luxury watches have a place of honor at Embelezzia. Even watches launched by firms that are not traditionally watch as Louis Vuitton but that gives us exclusive parts like the Tambour Spin Time GMT, male and female.

In reality, the French firm is creating a new tab in your catalog of luxury goods and the Tambour Spin Time GMT is your presentation model. It was released this past summer and its uniqueness is the way to give time, without traditional needle which marks the passage of time.

No time but with a system of rotating cubes located at time points. Van popeando time in numerals and hiding it when it has passed, leaving the cube in white with the unique drawing of an inverted triangle.

It would be model wristwatch that I’d like to start 2011 at jibin123.com, waiting with the glass of cava in hand to provide the new year. Jobs to choose from, female model, the Tambour Spin Time Joaillerie, in white gold and diamonds. It has two straps, in White alligator skin and lizard skin black to play with the colors of the Diamond pavé of the sphere. A spectacular reloj-joya.