SPC Smartee Watch, Analysis

Devices wereables fashion is going very strong and we have among us some low-cost products between. Today we bring you analysis of the SPC Smartee Watch, a smartwatch Android-based (though not Android Wear) that offers some of the features that are expected from this type of device.

This smartwatch cost less than 100 euros and, as we shall see, this has a negative impact on performance. We will analyze it in detail so that no doubt is not us about its functions and its possibilities.

SPC Smartee Watch, physical finish

Physical intelligent SPC clock is something rough. The watch itself has something big body, excessively thick for my taste. All the finish is in plastic, including the screen. Belts bringing the clock are also plastic. Come two straps with clock, a fairly discreet black and other garish orange which is quite striking.

The watch itself has a rather pronounced, over I would say. Also has two buttons: one for power, at the top right and the other to go backwards, at the bottom right. Its use to wear on the left wrist is comfortable, though not quite right.

It is clear that clocks in general have higher prices because of the design, durability and quality materials. This is made even more pantente in the smartwatch, where there is an added cost that is technology. In the case of having a low cost smartwatch is a design and quite normal finishes. This is what we have with the SPC.

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Functions and common use

SPC Smartee Watch has a 1.55-inch touch screen and a resolution of 240 x 240. Inside there is an SoC Ingenic 1 GHz and has 512 MB of RAM. It has 4 GB of internal storage and a water-resistant IP52. In its interior it runs Android 4.3.

The clock is linked to the terminal by Bluetooth. This should install the SPC application to such effect that can be found for free on Google Play. The application binds the clock with the terminal and then provides a number of configuration options. Autonomous clock can also be configured, but without being bound to a mobile loses many of its features.

Perhaps the most interesting smart watches is to have notifications of mobile on the wrist. The application of SPC allows associating the clock mobile and configure notifications that we send. So add us a new option in the menu settings-> accessibility that allows us to share with the watch notices. Then in the own application of SPC we can choose which applications send their notifications to the clock, and can thus choose the most interesting (WhatsApp and Gmail) for example.

When we receive a notification of mobile watch will vibrate. If we turn it on we go to the notifications section and there you will see that we have, and can even see the contents of messages (for example, can read the mail or Whatsapp message or another messaging application). It is not possible to answer from the clock, just read the notification.

There is greater integration with some basic functions of the phone. E.g. with calls (we can see the list of calls from the terminal or even to reject an incoming call), SMS (we can see all the historic, not just new in the notifications section), agenda (we can ask our contacts), calendar (can see events) or music (we can remotely control Google Play Music).

The clock also features pedometer function, but is not continuously recording the steps we take but there to launch the specific application. It is also insensitive, i.e. a rate of normal walking not detected but there to walk fast or run as a. We are not, therefore, to a smart watch with function cuantificadora style Fitbit.

An interesting feature of the clock is that it allows to remotely control the camera of your phone. It also shows us in real time which sees the camera directly on our wrist with an acceptable quality. Of course we can shoot the capture from the clock.

SPC Smartee Watch, more shadows that you lights

In general I have econtrado some problems with this smart clock does not have left me very satisfied, although I must admit that in general I am quite sceptical about wearables products. The use of clock found me uncomfortable many times even to look at the time, which is not very logical.

The first criticism I have for this smart watch is that it is slow. Not only in the transitions between menus, but when turn on the screen. If we want to see the time you have to press the power button and the screen takes about a second to show us the clock. This seems to me to be excessive.

Second, the notifications. Sometimes when you get a notification (and therefore the phone vibrate) and switch on the screen you have the icon for pending notifications. By clicking on it and you get to view all pending read notifications. Not bad. But sometimes the icon is not and you have to go in hand pending notifications menu, which is slower.

It has also happened to me that leads me to receive an SMS and press on the icon which indicates pending notifications all notices given, but SMS are actually somewhere else (since there are more possibilities of interaction). Curious.

As last downside to the system of notifications I would say that it is a shame that when you delete a notification of the clock not disappears from the phone. Or at least that not you option to delete it, since it would save enough work.

Another drawback that I put to this watch is that the screen resolution is rather low and not very good quality, with a brightness adjustable but not automatic. The colors are somewhat pale.

The time can be in many different formats, from digital to analog time with a view something classic. This is fine although a further customization of the view of the clock would not come badly.

There are several ways to represent time

Another problem is the battery. Although they promise two days of normal use and seven in stand-by, in my case I didn’t at the end of the day. Of course I did intensive, with quite a few notifications (and therefore vibration) but it is certainly a problem for heavy users.

The application of the time, is indeed, fixed for a city that we chose. It would be nice to recognize where we are to show the time place and not having to be changing the city when we move.

And not, There is no trace of Google Now. This is not a smart watch with Android Wear. It has Android, Yes, and binds with Android (also with iOS). But the work that is behind is different which aims to have Google in their smartwatches.


With the SPC Smartee Watch we have a smart watch for low cost which both performance and design is very justito. If you don’t mind us much these things, want first and foremost mobile notifications on the wrist and a cheap device, This is a good option.

The terminal has been granted for tests by SPC.
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