Sonic CD for Android Is Delayed (Updated)

Update: SEGA has updated the information saying now that Sonic CD for Android goes on sale today on December 14 but there is still no trace of the game in the Android Market

This summer, SEGA announced the relaunch in digital download which many consider to be the best game of your pet, Sonic CD. The game was planned for late 2011 in XBLA, PSN, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Windows Phone and Android, but for these two latest operating systems his departure has been delayed to early 2012.

The reason for the delay of Sonic CD to Android and Windows Phone is unknown. For the remainder of the platforms they will be on sale throughout the day today, December 14 in their respective app stores and games.

View the video at the original site.

This new version of Sonic CD It is not the original SEGA Mega-CD game running under an emulator, the game is rewritten from scratch with a new game engine which respects the original physical and which will have improvements in levels and bosses. At the request of fans added the possibility to select the American and Japanese music.

The iOS game will cost 3.99 euros, with what surely on Android will have a similar price. We hope that the delay is not very large and have it on our Android devices in the first weeks of January.