Sommerlir for Your iPhone

It’s summer, and our site have found two indispensable summer gadgets to your iPhone.

It’s summer and it’s time for the year’s major festivals, markets and other types of outdoor activity. Our site have been searching and found two sommergadget to your iPhone.

We know that many people bring their iPhone for the summer’s many festivals, and as everyone knows, then bottled beer still a natural part of a good party.

And so we of course always stands and missing a bottle opener. Say hello to iPhone cover with built in bottle opener. An indispensable tool, which should be carried for all this summer’s festivals.

iPhone øloplukkereren is seen in both black and white at our site for 249 dollars.

Bike mount for iPhone

Many people bike around with their iPhone, so what would be more natural than a iPhone hold? With an iPhone holder can we avoid stupid penalties from overzealous police officers, who believe that the law of hands-free operation also applies to cyclists.

The bike carrier can be adapted to the several bikes, and on paper, so should the device be both water and dust proof-among other things by using a special lynlån-but the manufacturer provides no guarantees. the iPhone can of course be operated as usual as the transparent plastic does not impede the operation of the screen.

iPhone bike mount is seen on our site to 353 dollars.