Some Options to Protect Your Cell Phone

The  Moto G5 Plus  arrived in Brazil earlier this month, with emphasis on metallic design, rather than plastic. The new aluminum coating, however, should be more prone to scratches in daily use. The good news is that in order to protect the phone from Motorola, it is already possible to find several models of covers in the national market.

Among the options are clamps, waterproof kits and stamped hoods, which accommodate different tastes and needs. See the following list of 10 case and film options to help you keep your Moto G5 Plus protected and personalized on a daily basis.

1) Various Designs

The covers produced by Matecki bring varied designs, and are ideal for those who want to customize the Moto G5 Plus with an animated look. Made of TPU, flexible material and resistant to sudden temperatures, the covers protect the sides and back of the smartphone. There are more than 100 different prints, each costing R $ 25 in answermba.

2) Brushes

For those who prefer a sober design, the Viflykoo covers tend to hit the mark. They bring a texture that mimics brushed carbon fiber, which improves grip and avoids fingerprints. The case compatible with the Moto G5 Plus is found in the colors black, dark blue, gray, water green and red and has an average price of $ 20.

3) Licensed Motorola

If you insist on a product licensed by Motorola, an interesting alternative is the Skin cover, manufactured by Muvit. The cover is lined internally with a thin foam, which protects the Moto G5 Plus against scratches. On the outside, the finish imitates black leather. The product is found in Brazil with prices around R $ 100.

4) Waterproof Kit

It is possible to purchase an Underbody kit made of waterproof case, screen film and transparent TPU hood for $ 30. The water-resistant casing allows you to dive the Moto G5 Plus up to two meters deep, accompanying a handle to Facilitate transport while the appliance is submerged.

5) Super Protection

The Up Case Guardian has two layers of protection, one in polyurethane and the other in polycarbonate, ensuring greater resistance against falls. The hood also has a back support that lets you stand the smartphone standing horizontally. The product has a warranty of three months and costs approximately R $ 80.

6) Transparent Color

Cimo’s Grip cover has a discreet and transparent design that integrates with the gray or golden finish of the Moto G5 Plus. It is made of TPU and has black, blue and white versions. The model can be purchased in Brazil for approximately R $ 30.

7) Wallet

The wallet covers are practical and help save space in the purse or backpack. The model manufactured by Yinghui has three openings for credit card, plus a space for money, and also has support to leave the phone standing in a horizontal position.Available in black, white, light pink, dark pink, red, purple, brown, green and blue colors, the case is priced at around $ 20.

8) Mandala

Matecki also manufactures transparent jumpsuits with mandalas designs for the Moto G5 Plus. There are several patterns of prints, all having in common the mystical look observed in the above models. This version, also of TPU, is sold for $ 35.

9) Clamp

For athletes, the Underbody clamp made for the Moto G4 Plus will fit perfectly into the G5 Plus. This is because the 2017 cell phone is slightly smaller than last year and since the cover does not have an opening in the buttons, it is enough that the device enters the case. Its features include anti-odor material and adjustable range, allowing the fitting in arms of different thicknesses. It costs $ 20 in online stores.

10) Movie

Finally, the tempered glass film of the Up Case is a great solution to protect the screen of the Moto G5 Plus. It provides greater fall protection and prevents sharp objects such as keys and pens from scratching the display. Made with electrostatic adhesive, the film is easy to place and can be purchased for about R $ 15 in the national retail.