Some Different Ways to Wear a Big Scarf

When winter is freezing cold as in these days, you have to admit that there is no other solution but to cover up as much as possible: hat, gloves, down blankets, heavy socks and unfailing perfect scarf to keep us warm and protected from wind.

For us fashion lovers, however, winter is always a bit ‘an eternal struggle between the need to avoid freezing to death and the desire to create more and look cute, stylish and never banal. That’s why the scarf is definitely the right accessory to play with trying to create fun outfits and always different, but very very hot!

Let’s find out four look ideas from which to take inspiration to cover herself with a big scarf!

Scarf / Shawl

Very nice idea and very versatile is to use a maxi scarf mo ‘shawl, colorful and fun choose it, wrap it around her shoulders and fasten at the waist with a belt. Just this little touch of color to make your fun new look, with a touch that will not make you go unnoticed.

The only problem? Hardly able to wear a scarf tied at the waist above a very heavy coat, boater a leather jacket or a maxi cardigans and not choose this look for colder days!

Men’s scarf

Another nice idea to stay warm, but with style, is to wear a maxi classic and somewhat ‘masculine scarf. Choose a woolen pattern and a very versatile color such as beige, gray or cream and combine it with your favorite look. Create comfortable look with a masculine touch, boater maxi coats, sweaters and large military details to create coozy look and perfect for winter.

The maxi scarf

For cold days and hard frost choose, instead, a maxi wool scarf, warm choose it and long to make a double loop around the neck. Then let it free on the coat, even better if long hold on the front, up almost touching the ground. To best match your favorite maxi scarf worn a look tonal, preferably played on the soft colors such as cream, beige, army green or brown. Always choose a coat or at most a parka and avoid match maxi scarf in a duvet that will make it more awkward than chic.

Fur scarf

Finally, super chic idea especially for the evening or for more formal occasions is to choose a fur scarf. Will keep you warm at the right point and will certainly give a very chic and very sophisticated to your outfit. Choose it in a light color (gray, white or ice) to illuminate the face to the fullest and to give light to your outfit, or choose something of a super bright color to give a splash of color to your look all black, or, if you’re pretty bold, choose it in a very particular color but goes well with the tone of your outfits.