Some Common Mistakes When Charging Iphone

We have to agree that having a powerful smartphone does not do any good if your battery does not last nor a normal day of use, does it?Although iPhones start their life cycle very well, their batteries naturally lose their power over time.This is completely normal, but there are ways to prevent this from happening sooner than necessary.For this, just avoid some common mistakes you can check in our list below! 

1. Load Up To 100%

Unlike many people believe, charging the smartphone up to 100% is not the most efficient thing in the world and will not guarantee that the battery lasts longer than normal. Many experts recommend that you leave the iPhone with a battery between 30% and 80%, which is what will really ensure an effective operation.

The tip is that you start charging before the battery reaches 15% and leave it there up to about 90% or 95%.It’s okay if you get drunk on less or more than that every once in a while, but it’s healthier to try to keep that average whenever possible,and you will get more from best-medical-schools.

2. Let The Battery Run Out Completely

In the old days, many believed that it was better to let the cell phone battery run out completely before recharging it. With the latest batteries, this is far from being true and may even cause some giving in the long run.

It is recommended (even by Apple) that you let the battery run out completely at least once every two or three months, but do not let it become something recurring.

3. Let The Iphone Heat Up

Most modern smartphones are often warmed by the use of heavy applications and games, but this can also happen if you leave it in the sun or in high-temperature environments. This can be an even bigger problem if the device is charging, as it may damage something internally or simply make it extremely slow.

Our suggestion is to always leave the iPhone in temperature controlled places and not to use your smartphone while it charges. This should ensure fast and trouble-free recharging.

4. Wear Extra Battery Covers

Those covers that recharge your iPhone are great for emergency situations, but they are far from the ideal way to charge a smartphone. We say this because both the cover and the smartphone emit heat while charging and we have already mentioned how harmful this might be.

It’s okay to use the cover from time to time, but it’s designed to help you out in times of need, so give preference to the regular charger whenever possible.

5. Do Not Remove The Protective Cover

By talking about covers, the very popular protection covers are extremely useful to prevent your smartphone from ending up with risks or major damage caused by crashes and collisions. The problem is that a lot of people just do not take the cover off the device when it comes to charging.

It’s not hard to guess what happens: the cover captures all the heat the iPhone emits when it’s charged and leaves it much warmer than it needs to be. As we have already mentioned the problem of excessive heat twice, needless to say again how bad this is.

6. Do Not Leave The Iphone With An Extra Charge

This holds true for those who own an older iPhone (or even an iPad) that does not use it so much and ends up leaving the device stored most of the time. In these cases, a lot of people end up not even caring about the battery of the device and only think of charging it when they find it more useful.

But Apple itself recommends that these devices have to have at least 50% of their battery charged when they are inactive. Otherwise, the iPhone will be in a “deep download” state and will be less able to maintain a full charge in the future.

7. Use A Cheap Charger

The hint of using official Apple chargers is universal, but hardly anyone hears the suggestion. We understand that the company’s products and accessories are priced abusively and out of the reality, but using cheap chargers that mimic the original will only damage your smartphone.

Our main recommendation is that you take great care of your original charger so you never have to resort to imitation. If this happens, at least look for products of well-known brands and good quality so you do not have to end up spending even more on the repair of the cell phone.