Some Best Iphone 6s Battery Covers

Recently, Apple has released the iPhone 6S battery cover, which includes a small extra battery in the back to help its users get to use the device for much longer. Although functional and very useful for many people, this official Apple option is very expensive and does not have a very beautiful design.

If you’ve also missed the look of this hood or are looking for a more affordable option, just check out our list of the 7 best batterer covers for the iPhone 6S, and you can know more on ALLCITYCODES.

1. Otterbox Resurgence

The OtterBox brand is well known for making quality products for iPhones and did not disappoint with its latest battery cover. OtterBox Resurgence has more than twice the battery life of the iPhone 6S, allowing you to use your smartphone for more than two days without any worries.

There is an LED indicator to let you know when the hood needs to be charged, which is very useful during use. In fact, this cover has a fast loading feature, ie it will take only half of the usual time for it to be used again. You can buy this capinha in this link.

2. Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Incredibly, the Mophie Juice Pack Plus cover goes even further and can deliver 3,330 mAh, triple what we see on the iPhone 6S. With this cover, you’re expected to be able to use your smartphone for an additional 17 hours using talk apps, 12 hours using the internet without stopping, and up to 60 hours listening to music.

Fortunately, this hood also offers excellent extra protection for your iPhone 6S, whether it’s against falling, scratching or possible collisions. The cool thing is that it is also available in the same colors as the iPhone 6: black, white and gold. You can get it through this link.

3. Spyder Powershadow

In addition to offering twice the battery of the iPhone 6S, the PowerShadow Spyder hood is super resistant against falls, bumps, water, dust and bacteria. Another great aspect is that this is one of the thinnest iPhone 6s battery covers you will find today, which is already a big differential compared to most.

Its design is also very beautiful, discreet and can be purchased in various colors. Although it makes the iPhone wider, it is a great option to give more battery to your smartphone. Click this link to buy yours.

4. Supact Beetle Power

Somewhat different, the Supact Beetle Power looks bolder and more robust compared to competitors, but it’s still pretty good. It features the iPhone’s triple 6S battery and features a multi-colored LED indicator to let you know about possible battery levels.

As you would expect from a larger hood, it also offers plenty of extra protection against more severe falls and collisions. The cool thing is that Supact Beetle Power can be purchased in different vibrant colors or in black if you prefer something discreet. Buy yours through this link.

5. Spigen Volt Pack

Probably the most beautiful cover on our list, the Spigen Volt Pack is also quite powerful. It offers more than 17 hours of normal use, 13 hours if you watch non-stop videos and no less than 288 hours in sleep mode.

In addition to having a very sleek and discreet look, it is thinner than many other covers on this list and still ensures your iPhone’s protection against crashes and bumps. There is still an LED indicator to warn you when the cover needs to be recharged and a button on the back for you to turn it on or off. You can purchase thiscover through this link.