Some Accessories to Make Your Gadget Waterproof

Many smartphones today are resistant to splashes of water and dust, but few of them are actually waterproof. This can be inconvenient at certain times, such as when you go to the beach or are on vacation somewhere near the water. This makes your cell phone always at some risk. So buying some accessories like the ones we are going to list can be an interesting and quick solution to this problem.

That way, you do not have to keep your smartphone away or take extra care of it whenever you’re near the water.

1. Condom For Smartphones

Perhaps the most practical accessory on our list is this condom for smartphones. You dress the device with this elastic plastic and it seals the opening so that the water does not enter (it is not necessary to leave “space” in the tip). This will prevent your appliance from getting wet and damaged by water while still being functional. The sound of notifications and calls, however, is impaired.

Where to buy:  1

2. Otterbox Waterproof Cap

This brand produces high quality covers for devices like Galaxy S4, S5, iPhone 5  and 5S. These accessories are very firm and, besides protecting your device against water, still serve as day-to-day cap since they have rubberized contours and can absorb considerable impacts.

Where to buy: 1 and 2

3. Cell Phone Pouch And Waterproof Cameras

If you go to the beach frequently and do not want to leave your phone exposed to the sand and water, a bag like these might be a good solution. It can be used for more than one gadget and also includes compact cameras. Therefore, it is more versatile than the previous ones.

Where to buy:  1 and 2

4. Lifeproof Cover Nuud Ipad

This water-resistant cover model is specific to iPads,  but you can find similar models for other tablets on the internet. It works in much the same way as the Otterbox’s cover, item 2, and gives you access to virtually all tablet functions while keeping it protected from water.

Where to buy:  1 and 2

5. Pyle Waterproff Tablet Case

This cover model is for those who have more than one tablet or did not find a cover similar to that of item 4 for their particular model. It is generic and works for most tablets, but it does not give you access to specific functions such as side and front buttons, so easily. It is more suitable to use sporadically and when the danger of dropping the product in the water is over, it is best to remove the accessory.

Where to buy:  1

Did you find any of these items interesting? Have you purchased a similar accessory? Share with us the models and stores where they were purchased.

NOTE: You can still find similar products at reliable Chinese online stores like AliExpress andDealExtreme. To do this, simply search for “waterproof case” together with the name of your device and check the options.