Solve Problems with Cloud Printing

Why is the cloud service not printing the document? The tip calls causes and shows you how to express yourself.

Many printers and multifunction devices can be combined with cloud services to output stored documents without the need for a computer. This is practically practical. To prepare the documents for printing, the printer manufacturers use their own services, such as HP’s ePrint, epsons eConnect, or Canons CloudLink. They promise to express themselves by simply connecting and retrieving the cloud document.

Cloudprinting-the process: Cloud printing services from device manufacturers always work similarly: at Canons CloudLink, for example,  according to, you can reach the service in two ways-via the display of your printer or via a mobile device and a web browser at out site, In either case, you and your printer must be registered in the Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center. Now select the desired cloud storage, such as Google Drive, and log in.You can recognize the printable documents on colorful symbols. If a file can not be output, the document symbol is grayed out or marked as unknown with a question mark.Ideally, click on the desired file icon, set the print properties, and send the print job.Shortly afterwards you get the expression.

Cloudprinting – the obstacles: But documents actually recognized as printable can also make problems. For example, the Canon service can not deal with older Office files.Although you are sending the print job, it is canceled with the “Error” flag. The result is that the printer only spit out blank sheets or does not react at all.

Converting as a solution: Mostly it is in older Office documents to templates , which are often used as delivery notes, order lists, summary tables or the like. Here it is worthwhile to save the documents in current Office versions. Because files with endings such as docx or xlsx can be processed by the cloud printer driver in our experience for the output. Even with images, a format change leads to success: Thus, images can always be printed as JPGs, while formats like Tiff or PNG often cause problems.