So You Your Apple Watch Uses As a Phone

Calls to the wristwatch? No problem, unless an Apple Watch adorns your wrist. Because calls to be the first Smartwatch from Cupertino by using the built-in speaker and microphone both receive and settle. And it’s also very easy to. In our guide we explain how you can use the telephone feature of Apple Watch and what special features available to you on the phone via Smartwatch available.

Calls to the Apple Watch: the basics

With the Apple Watch from Rrrjewelry, you can make calls directly from your wrist out. When a call comes in on the Smartwatch, you have several choices. If you for example the hand on your Apple Watch, then you will mute the call. With the digital Crown, which is located on the upper right side of the housing the Smartwatch, can you also scroll up. Then you see on the display the options “send message” and “Respond with iPhone”. Taps on the former point, then you can answer the incoming call with a message. Or you pass the call on an iPhone.

If you type during ringing on the red button on the display, the call is rejected. By tapping the green button you accept the call, however, and can answer it.

Call someone with the Apple Watch

If you want to call someone on your Apple Watch, then you can go over the phone app on your home screen. To access directly to the contacts you most frequently speak with which, you must press the page button, which is located directly below the digital Crown. With just this, you can choose then the person who you want to call. By simply turning of the digital Crown you scroll through your contacts. Did you find the person that you want to call, tap the phone icon and the connection is made.

A call by using of Apple’s language assistant Siri yet easier. For this, your Siri have to just say who you want to call. For example, the command: “Hey Siri, call MAX!” And already the direct connection is made.


When you put your hand on the Apple Watch, an incoming call is muted

About the digital Crown your calls with a message can reply or forward on an iPhone

Call you can someone over the phone app on your home screen or by voice command with Siri