So the Iphone-Turbo Fire

His iPhones animation speed is too slow function mostly the “reduced movement”. However, there’s a way to increase the speed to another level. Takes her nothing more than your iPhone and a little skill.

With this trick you can let in extremely short time launching apps on your iPhone . This is because, that unnecessary animations to the show or hide applications completely disabled. However the desired effect lasts not forever, but only your iPhone until your new starts.

Enable assistive touch

But now we come to the procedure. To bring the speed, you must first enable assistive touch. To do this, it goes down in the Preferences General on accessibility and activates the slider assistive touch under the point of interaction. After that’s done, the assistive appears touch button on the screen. You have to place it in the lower-right corner of the display.

It all depends on the timing

Next, activate the Spotlight search with a wiper for below. Now comes the part that requires some skill, because timing is needed here. Have you started the Spotlight search you must close it exactly at the time (by tapping on a free surface or with the home button) in which the assistive touch button the keyboard blends. It takes some attempts. Sometimes it works but only after a trial. So be patient. If everything according to plan is out of date, all applications should can be opened at a frantic pace. Even the activation via touch-ID is a lot faster. Don’t forget however that the effect disappears after a reboot and again “has to be activated”. Keep in mind that it is a “bug” in the iOS software and it could well be, that Apple corrects this error with upcoming releases. Click here for more iPhone tips.