So Animals Are Microsoft Surface Right Now

The Swedish webshop has just gotten price on Microsoft Surface computer. The price is so far higher than expected.

There is, for the first time put a price on the upcoming Surface products from Microsoft. It is the Swedish webshop, which has gotten four different Surface models in their range. It writes our site.

Microsoft has not yet announced what Surface should cost, but so has priced their our site four models.

The cheapest version is Windows RT with 32 GB of memory, which stands for 6,990 Swedish kronor, and series with 64 GB stand to cost 9,990 SEK. The two editions of Windows Pro is priced at respectively 12,990 and 14,990 SEK.

These prices shall be converted to the Danish krone, the most expensive model will cost a little more than 13,000 kroner.

Our site also informs that the ARM-based Surface-models coming in the fourth quarter of this year, while x 86 Edition with Ivy Bridge-processor first comes at the beginning of 2013.

Whether the price holds or just have priced them at most our site from the start remains to be seen, but it is earlier seen products are priced very high early in the process.