Sneakers in Black and White

The step from randsytt to sneakers can seem far away. At the same time, it is Mr fashion width which in many ways makes it interesting and to let any of the below sneakers stand next to oxford since is far from a contradiction.

Sneakers in Black and White

Common Projects (Très Bien Shop)
New York-based Common Projects clearly define modern elegant style. The shoes are manufactured in Italy in domestic leather qualities. The pared-down design makes these shoes equally suited for jeans that a slimmer-cut suit.

G something more exclusive collection GramSE has aroused great attention among other things by having been worn by Kim Jones and Kanye West. In spring, the brand’s concept is broadened further to include classic leather shoes.

Raf by Raf Simons (Oki-Ni)
After a career with the own brand Raf Simons and as Creative Director for Jil Sander is considered Belgian Raf Simons as a fashion world’s most influential designers. Collection of Raf by Raf Simons was launched in 2006 by urban design with tailored touches quickly achieved success. Sneakers in simple design is integral part of the brand’s collection.

Converse Jack Purcell (Sneakers Stuff)
A modern classic that is constantly being launched in new editions and colour combinations. Here in black leather.

Adidas BW Army Clean (Caliroots)
Sneakers made in one piece with laser-etched details. Black Suede gives a matt finish which, together with black laces create an unobtrusive design.