Smashbox Cosmetics for Skin from Diva

Tested for you by the blog. With the arrival of the cold season minor imperfections of the skin become more apparent.

Our face loses its luster of summer, enhanced by the Golden Tan and uniform, and begins to look more opaque and lifeless.
Dryness, burning, redness are commonplace. What to do? First use a good face cream, adapted to our kind and able to nourish and protect skin.

But in these cases, you know, unity is strength! And it is for this reason that the make up becomes a key ally to give radiance to the face, correct small defects give the skin a soft, smooth, uniform but always natural.

Smashbox Cosmetics, American makeup line designed by Dean and Davis Factor – great-grandchildren of the famous Max Factor – and distributed in Italy exclusively in perfumeries La Gardenia, offers 3 products capable of giving the right brightness to your look by covering the imperfections of your skin and give your face an immediate feeling of beauty and wellness, “diva skin!

For a natural makeup but impeccable choose Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation. A lightweight compact Foundation with SPF 15 that blends with ease giving the face the half opacity of a powder. Contains vitamin C and cutting edge ingredients – such as Kaolin silicone drops and velvet – which can make the skin perfectly smooth. Odorless and oil free and equipped with a professional brush.
Available in 10 shades. (42.00 Euros exclusively at The Gardenia)

High Definiton Healthy FX Foundation is a lightweight Foundation to obtain a smooth and adjustable coverage to suit your needs. Thanks to “Bio Delivery System” the skin is hydrated gradually with an energizing effect that lasts all day. Ribose nourishes the skin while vitamin C fights free radicals. Oil free SPF 15, is available in 13 colours. (42.00 Euros exclusively at The Gardenia)

For a radiant face and glowing, and finally, you can choose Artficial Light! A unique formula based on Japanese green tea, vitamins A, C and E, all in a new air-free pump for a perfect application. Available in 3 shades: Diffuse Glow, and Flash. (29.00 Euros exclusively at The Gardenia).
Now, if you want a skin from diva, run for perfumeries Gardenia!