Smartphone Users Are Crazy about Pizza in Denmark

New inventory shows that Danish smartphone users love pizza, especially those with a iPhone holder of the Italian right.

Crashes have made a statement, which shows that madhungrende Danes are crazy about pizza, and it’s particularly iPhone users who are searching for the popular word on the phone.

The entire 5.1% of all searches from Kraks iPhone applications looking for Pizza, on the other hand, it is “only” 1.4 percent of Android users who seek the coveted right.

But it’s not just Italian dishes the hungry iPhone users are looking for, Kraks statement also shows that iPhone users are looking for 11 times more often for Sushi, than is the case on the Android platform.

Below you can get the top 10 list of searches, defined on the basis of which platform they’re executed from.

IPhone-app Android app Mobile internet
1 Pizzaria Pizza Taxi
2 Restaurant Barber Cinema
3 Barber Dentist Pizzaria
4 Pizzerias Baker Restaurant
5 Pizza Restaurant Pharmacy
6 Restaurants Taxi Super market
7 Plumbing Pharmacy Post Office
8 63132979 Flowers Barber
9 Pharmacy TDC Construction market
10 Hotel Plumbing Bakery