Smart Watches Are Round to Seduce Consumers

They all have one goal: that the smart watches meet their customers out of the niche of tech junkies

Smart Watches, stars of the 2015 Edition of the great electronic lounge IFA to Berlin, opt for classic round box to differentiate the model (square) of Apple and trying to seduce the clientele.

Samsung, Motorola, LG, Asus, and Huawei will present the biggest technology salon in the world their latest models of ‘ smartwatches ‘, these clocks that enable, among other things, monitor the heartbeat, receive notifications, read SMS or see who’s calling on the mobile phone.

They all have one goal: that the smart watches meet their customers out of the niche of tech junkies.

According to a survey of German electronics, the Smartercomputing, about 16% of Germans look ahead to buy one of these watches until the end of 2016, much lower than the 50% of people interviewed who guarantee that they will buy a ‘ smartphone ‘ in the same period.

“It takes time to demonstrate the value of the new connected objects. The first watches launched two or three years were concentrated mainly in technical particularities. Still lacked a dimension of design, essential for an accessory like a clock, and a dimension of service “, explains Thomas Husson, an analyst with u.s. consultancy Forrester.

But since then, the “Apple got a change to” sell the watch as an object of fashion, pointed out. The Apple Watch, which hit the shelves in April, should help to give the expected boost to the sector, according to analysts forecasts.

The American consultancy Gartner estimates that 40 million will be sold to “smartwatches” around the world in 2015, i.e., eight times more than in 2014, while Forrester predicts about 20 million of sales.

Classic watchmaking design

Two years ago, in the IFA to 2013, Samsung announced your first smart watch, the Samsung Gear. This year, the new generation ruled out the square screen.

With a round dial 1.2 inch, the Samsung S2 Gear, which was presented this Thursday, adopted the classic watchmaking codes, such as the new Motorola 360 or model submitted by Huawei.

The border between the world of watchmaking and electronics should be even more tenuous with the expected arrival of ‘ smartwatches ‘ from manufacturers such as Tag-Heuer (in partnership with Intel), Swatch or Fossil.

Sony, which already has three generations of smart watches on the market, moved away from the competition with a hybrid accessory. “Wena”, which the Japanese Group managed to finance the internet with unexpected success, is a normal-looking watch, but the technology is hidden in the bracelet. Cannot read SMS on the screen, but the bracelet vibrates when you receive a new call and a chip makes e-wallet.

The barrier of operating systems is also falling apart. Google has announced that the new watch models that work with your Android system Wear also can connect with the Apple iPhone. The Huawei Watch will be one of the first to enjoy this possibility.

Jens Heithecker, Director of IFA, takes on the wrist a smart watch black dial and white bracelet. “Strange as it may seem, in the Office, in my everyday life, I have found that it is easier to communicate. When my phone goes away, I know I’m getting calls or SMS “, told AFP.

To reach a wider audience and more diverse, the market needs “a new kind of applications intended for the whole world, people think, ‘ Wow, that’s going to change my life! ‘”, says Ronan de Renesse, an analyst at Ovum.

You might also be needed more attractive prices: the cheapest models sell for between 300 and 400 euros (about R$1600).