Smart Watch What They Sense

Wearable electronics that can do a lot of useful features and a charge will last at least a week now sounds like a decent sci-fi. Pebble Time is not exactly the case.Moreover, they are also relatively inexpensive.

Although even in the field of smart watches countless competing models, not deviate from the series as a watch brand Pebble. While other models relies mainly on elegance, fine display and touch capabilities, sign Pebble went his own way, and the final act did not fare badly at all.

First watch of this type is formed with crowdfundingového site Kickstarter, which made history as one of the most successful projects.On the production of watches had chosen 10 million US dollars (about 230 million).It was at that time a record, but his successor chosen sum twice raised. On the development of the model Pebble Time has already passed, people EUR 20 million.And this model we have tested.

The most successful Kickstarter project

Pebble watches usually havekey features that have as their successor Pebble Time, had a different design and lacked color display.

Time Pebble other hand, they are already fairly comfortable operating watches that are compact, what dimensions and weight is concerned.Compared to other models from competitors that are at hand much feel you can get used to the Pebble Time really fast.Nearly one can say that it feels not distinguish between any cheaper thin digital watch.

The housing of this model is from the upper side of the cover glass and a metal frame, the rest is covered with plastics. On sale are three color variants – red, white and black rubber strap, case remains until the changing color of the buttons according to the color variant of the same.

Now use the rubber band and the overall thinness and lightness of the housing gives the impression Pebble Time watches for athletes. Which even in combination with doinstalováním some applications that are able to measure your activity (but not necessary heartbeat) and waterproof it really highlights the purported focus on sport types.Real Magic Pebble Time, however, lies elsewhere.

The biggest advantages of the display and stamina

Even the most fundamental element of the whole family of models Pebble is the use of technology in e-paper display.The one known example of electronic books and readers have one major priority – at standstill consume almost no energy. For the main guzzler batteries in these watches can be considered unless the LED backlight, which, however, only activated when seeing the screen or by pressing any of the buttons.

The display is otherwise still on, and what is more, even in direct sunlight beautifully legible. New for model Pebble Time is the use of color e-paper 1,25 palcového panel with a resolution of 144 x 168 pixels, so that the whole environment is much more vivid than the original Pebble purely black and white.However, if you are expecting some colorful feast, look around elsewhere. IPS displays a classic in terms of color and the vibrancy of course Pebble can not match.

It is astonishing how today operates wearable electronics, although they use every day, but it really needs to charge about once a week. When you watch a lot “We are focusing on,” sign on the battery must already after six days, on the contrary, if you are disconnected from the phone and checking them only on time, you can get even at 9 days.

Charging is solved by means of the magnetic connector and a full state of the recharge in about an hour. Battery capacity is 150 mAh.

Simple but functional

Already due to the use of completely different technology for display is to expect also the own system. Its operation could not be simpler. Serve to the four buttons, one on the left side for the return of a trio on the right side – the two extreme to scroll the menu up and down the middle to confirm.

On the home screen is a dial that you can choose from hundreds of options offered to download the application on your mobile. Scroll up and down from the home screen to open the timeline where you store your upcoming calendar events, notes, weather information and more.If you do not use calendar, you will probably feel this feature is redundant, but we proved successful.

After pressing the button to confirm you get to the menu.Here are the basic set of tools, such as measuring daily activities, control the music player, administrator notifications, alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, timer, or even a tool for sending messages. Although you can not directly write, but you can dictate voice or choose from pre-made options.

Furthermore, there retrofitted impose other applications. Those are again in on the mobile phone (which can be installed in mobile phones with Android and iOS), which watches over you manage to choose from a huge amount. Sami was to wonder how a closed system could fulfill his shop so many applications and games. Yes, you read correctly, the watch can also play games. In short, a paradise for any technology enthusiast.

The clear choice, minimum gaps

Pebble Time We tested quite a long time and we can say that we are closest to you heart. They may not be such a fop, such as Huawei SmartWatch, or do not have as big a breath of exclusivity, such as Apple Watch, but we can call it a matter of heart for those who are willing to give them a chance.

Although the smart watch quite specific sectors that do not attract everyone, Pebble Time is a good example of where to start. Not too big and heavy, off color, they are actually fairly unobtrusive. But just because you do next time to show action yet to display incoming e-mail, switch song in the player and highlights of the afternoon meeting, and at the same time you do not annoy a low battery condition every other day is something that simply can not be overlooked.

Additionally, at half the price than competing models. Pebble Time you can buy for about 4700 crowns, metal variant Pebble Time Steel for 5500 crowns. For a similar price in the market is relatively limited choice of alternatives.Random example Zen Watch 2 Asus, Huawei TalkBand 2 or bracelets Fitbit. Branded models from Samsung, Sony and Huawei, however, you will have to pay more significantly.