Smart Phone of the Future

An end to the eternal monotony of mobile: the Pogo goes online, plays MP3s and its appearance is simply awesome.

So we introduce ourselves to the mobile phone of the future: nothing is reminiscent of a phone or a PDA. The unusual shape means that you don’t really know how to think the smart phone.

Still, the Pogo is fun. At the same time, it serves as a phone, Web browser, MP3 player, E-Mail client and organizer. There is not the latest technology behind the futuristic outfit however.

The Pogo is there as an import device from the United Kingdom. Our test device was provided to us by the Chemnitz firm Semec.

Facilities: Pale Display, Fat Sound

Who buys (136 x 106 x 26 mm, 232 grams) a large and heavy smart phone from, can expect at least a large display.

Facts & figures
The mass (58 x 78 mm) and (320 x 240 pixels) true, but the 256 colors are pale and reflects the display. The endurance of the lithium-ion battery indicates the manufacturer with five hours of talk and only 72 hours stand by time.

Phone features
Using the supplied headset calling themselves – lets with the Pogo or hold the smart phone directly to the ear. Speaker and microphone are located on the back.

Missing comfort features such as profiles or language choice, at the five built-in games, it shows that the Pogo expects sedately. “Pong” or “Breakout” run almost maddeningly slow, and flying objects move a pixel trail behind.

PDA functions
The address book stores three telephone numbers as well as email and postal address per entry. Who wants to add more, is simply a note to the address book entry. All entries are spread over three tabs open, the calendar shows at the same time a monthly overview and all appointments a day. The downside: The contacts nor the calendar can sync up with Outlokk.According to the manufacturer is working on this problem.

MP3 player
The MP3 player is an integral part of the Pogo. Just a multimedia card (MMC) that is well filled with MP3s into the Smartphone and click on play. In the test, it worked without any problems, the sound quality was good.

Practice: On The Island In The Internet

The Pogo also directly from the Internet can download MP3 files. Really a nice service, but can unfortunately be pricey.

Data functions
The reason: The default Internet Einwahlummer has a British code – and she can not change. This offers the advantage that you can do no wrong. In the test the dialling into the Internet immediately worked. The surf fun should be however very expensive with the dial in the United Kingdom.

This is a real problem, because the Pogo is partially independently and without warning online. An example: We wanted to set a different ringtone in the test. The Pogo chose simply by clicking on the appropriate menu in the network an and invited a website with ringtones.

The Pogo is there only with English software. But an average school English is sufficient to itself in the menus to navigate, because icons speak louder than words. And the pictures are so great and meaningful at the Pogo, that is easy for the user. The limited setting options do the rest, in the menus you can get lost is hardly.

When it is considered text to tap a virtual keyboard that actuates itself surprisingly well with the fingers will appear. Also, a less than twelve centimetres long but somewhat thin pen is in one of the four ears of the Pogo.

Fazit: Höchst Kultverdächtig

Abgefahren, fett, krass: So werden junge Menschen den Pogo feiern, denn die geniale Optik macht innere Schwächen mehr als wett.

Cell phone, Internet access, MP3 player, games and an organizer which lets not to synchronize: no manager takes the Pogo in the Office. But the Smartphone makes impression – and endless fun. The latter mainly due to the ease of use and the charming menus. Contacts are called here “people”, the calendar is called diary (“diary”).

That the Pogo is technically slightly outdated, a pale display a limited computing power provides, can get over themselves. After all, a software update should do according to the manufacturer sometime GPRS capable smartphone.

A pity, that the Internet dial – up do not change. As with the preset dial UK Internet access, which is so wonderfully easy how reliable will be quite expensive.

A propos-expensive: like all smartphones, the Pogo is not cheap – but this currently unique.