Smart Phone for Trendsetters

The first Smart phone on the base of a PDA with Palm OS is Handspring: Treo 180 mobile phone and organizer combine.

There are already some smart phones based on Pocket PCs in the market.Handspring with the Treo now presents the first Palm OS-based device. It is handy, easy and versatile.

Phone Features: SMS Typing Made Easy

At first glance the users don’t look his special abilities the Treo. He is not bigger and even lighter than about a visor Deluxe, and only the short stub antenna reveals that the handy organizer has to offer some extras.

Facts & figures
His PDA properties offer the familiar Palm OS power spectrum. The backlit grayscale display with a resolution of 160 x 160 pixels is somewhat scarce with 50 x 50 mm size. The representation acts this way though high contrast, but only due to be reader-friendly. Text input is amazingly comfortable with a diminutive QWERTY keyboard below the display. The layout of the tiny buttons is plausible, a well-defined pressure point allows accurate input. Keyboard and display are protected by a flap that allows views of the display through a window and serves as the earpiece in the expanded state. Incoming calls are signalled on the display and by lowering the display protection. Handspring promises two and a half hours of talk time and measly 60 hours stand by time in mobile mode.The manufacturer’s recommended price: 599 euro.

Phone features
Handspring has fully integrates the telephone functions. Finding the phone numbers stored on the SIM card as well as the selection of numbers from the addresses stored in the PDA manages in a few steps. It is easy to transfer hundreds of addresses from the Outlook of the desktop PC synchronization on your handheld and to select directly. The speaker of the Treo sounds somewhat tinny, except in hands-free mode.Volume, mute and vibrate can be easily regulated using a dedicated switch and a rocker switch. Classic business features such as profiles, voice dialing or voice control are missing however. SMS freaks can the full scoop: thanks to keyboard typing is very easy.

PDA And Data Capabilities: All Aboard

Is the software of the Handspring Treo not up to date, but sufficient for the everyday requirements of a PDA version 3.5 of Palm OS completely.

PDA functions
Handicaps are the rather small struggling display and the lack of interfaces. While the Treo has an infrared connection, quite untypical for a Handspring he abstains but the usual springboard slot. External storage media such as SD card or Compact Flash CardCompact Flash card can not use. However, the available 16 MB are more than enough memory for the usual PIM functions. Very quickly is the communication with the desktop PC. Synchronization software and cables are included.For the comparison of approximately 1,000 of the Treo Outlook addresses needed less than three minutes.

Data functions
Access to emails and Web, as well as sending and receiving SMS messages work very comfortably with the Treo. A Blazer browser included in delivery allows not only access on PDA-optimized websites but-within the possibilities of the display-browsing on all sites. Handspring promises secure access to the Web thanks to a special encryption technology. One touch mail allows you to manage multiple POP3 mail accounts.

Practice: Impeccable Processing

The perfectly processed Treo embodies a still reasonable compromise between functionality and ease of use.

As a development from the House of Handspring, this Smartphone is logically more PDA phone. Multitalented anyway for a jacket pocket is good with his for a PDA but rather modest dimensions and the cover headrests to the phone. To accommodate the 34 keys, was skimped on the dimensions of the display. That a disadvantage for text-heavy screen content. The keyboard however is clearly superior as an input medium Palm’s own graffiti handwriting recognition as well as virtual keyboards.

Individually configurable quick start buttons, the user quickly reach the desired menu.The offer typical for Palm OS 3.5 is complemented with some icons for accessing the SIM-card data, Web access, and the phone book.

The operation of the PDA functions holds no surprises for upgraders from other Palm PDAs, opens up but also newcomers intuitively. The QuickLaunch button for the phone operating points to repeated pressure on-screen menus with a simple to set up phone book, a virtual keyboard, as well as the list of already called telephone numbers one at a time. Was previously a synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, all phone numbers from the address list are listed and can be selected directly.Handspring underlines that the Treo phone functions are no inclusive free goods to the PDA, but central part of the scope of services, with a hands-free function of excellent sound quality and a headset included via


Handspring smart phone debut has been successful.

Other than some competitors, the Treo does its owner not to smear the PDA functions. At the same time, he is a quite comfortable dual-band cell phone easier and more manageable than the previously available Pocket PCs with integrated telephone function. Who do without the color display, will favor on the lightweight multi talent. There are deductions for the missing slots.