Smallest USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The smallest USB 3.0 flash world is French and the least we can say is that it is quiet! The K’1 is his name, has dimensions of 16.8 x 16 x 7 mm and may very well remain on your PC and be forgotten. No more rectangles that exceed and are exposed to shock. And if you’re wondering, this USB key is not overpriced.

The key to the USB 3.0 standard allows him to expect transfer speeds of 140 MB / s, enough to move large files in seconds. The design is very slick, its designer said he was inspired O. Beune Power Magsafe present on the MacBook Air. The result is a very successful design and unmatched compactness that makes the USB the smallest in the world. It exists in two versions, a 32GB and another 64GB, good capacity for such template.

The smallest USB 3.0 is the world K1, made in France

Listed on the Paris boutique PK , version 32 GB is available at 35 euros and the 64GB version to 64.99 euros. With an aluminum shell shock resistant, your biggest challenge will mostly not to lose. To avoid this, it comes with a cord and a carabiner to easily carry it with your keys, for example. If you stay at home with the best solution is probably to put it on your PC and not to touch it. The advantage is that it knows how to forget.

In another style, but still with the same manufacturer, you have the K’Ring that it is fully think for position with the keys to you or your car. This model is designed to withstand shock and even water! If you forget it in the pocket of your trousers the key will withstand the washing machine for example! Well-finished products that could complement the list of mobile accessories handy! What do you think?