Slim Leather: How to Wear?

Well-chosen (knowledge lg slightly stretch and tight sentence), the slim black leather is very effective rera to rock’ no rolliser our winter outfits…

If it is without a doubt one of the pi these prefer are models (see here and l), the slim leather remains adapt most of morphologies. To succeed in reveal the full potential, simply so display a length of minimum leg and appear comfortable in his body.

View of dress code, the slim leather aura all intert erase her sexy nature. Forgotten so stilettos, the pr tops of the body and the wannabee: for success serve to the better that is slides, the slim leather must be combined in sober, or classic mode.


We think sd then attach a timeless casual look chic, like the peacoat black/shirt White/brogues trio or the whole long blue angora sweater Navy/duffle coat carbon/ankle boots r gliding.

We don’t h sitera also not call the latest res trends by marrying the slim khaki parka/pull big black mesh mix leather /New Balance grey/maxi grey pocket, to Quartet shirt denim tweed/maxi snood clear/blazer /moccasins or even all maxi sweater collar roul bordeaux /black military boots/blazer slate Zara/black bonnet.


We note finally that the slim leather will not like to boost a total black look low in the mix and match textures. We think including all monochrome compositions a shearling coat, a silk shirt and a pair of suede boots or even the mixing maxi angora Cardigan, raw denim shirt, brogues varnish and hat in felt.