Sleeping Bags from Mountain Hardwear Phantom

Test sac de couchage Mountain Hardwear Phantom spark 28

Within the range of sleeping bags from Mountain Hardwear Phantom series is as one comprised of high-end models; duvets technical lines, designed to offer the best ratio weight / temperature. Among the Phantom, the Spark 28 is that for least difficult conditions.

Unpacking, no doubt on the seriousness of the brand. The Spark comes with a mesh bag for storage and a compression sleeve of silicone nylon. Both accessories are of high quality and compression cover, well designed, allows easy transportation of down. Personally I prefer to use a waterproof case and regrets that brands do not provide; but that’s personal taste.

The bag itself exudes a paradoxical first impression. The materials are undeniably high quality, perfect finishes. This is probably the translucency of the shell – that can see down the transparency – that is born this strange impression of fragility. But if this unusual aspect reminds that we are here in the presence of ultra-lightweight materials that care should be taken while also confirms the quality of the product.

Comfort, let us define the model size small, very small. My 182cm tall and broad shoulders do not fit with great difficulty in the size “regular” tested and I can only advise people to more than one meter eighty (or less) to pass the long version. At that flat near the Spark is very cozy. Fabrics are particularly soft, feet fit into a larger compartment, while the hood – well wrap – adjusts without difficulty. Well designed too, the zip is fluid and never stuck in the tissue. The loft of the down, unusual for a bag of that weight adds to previous qualities a feeling of “cozy” which completes the comfort offered by the Spark.
Side thermal performance, conditions encountered were not particularly cold (4 ° C), heat sensations in the down confirmed that this is a high performance model. A verdict attested by my wife, more sensitive to cold during the nights when she herself tried the Spark. The temperature come to rise a bit and we will welcome that Mountain Hardwear has had the foresight to provide the Spark a zip for ventilation comfortably. Find washing tips for sleeping bags on allpubliclibraries.

Moisture resistance side, the treatment of tissue and fluff have perfectly fulfilled their role in yet very humid atmospheres. The bag remains dry and efficient and the difference with synthetic fibers diminishes greatly! Only a test of several years, however, will confirm the stability over time of these treatments and therefore the durability of the product.


The sleeping bag three seasons spark Phantom 28 Mountain Hardwear offers exceptional qualities of thermicity and moisture resistance, all with a volume and a particular content weight. At more than 300 euros, should be taken care of its ultra-lightweight materials to recover their investment over several years.

Points forts

  • Weight / volume reduced
  • Design and comfort
  • Quality of materials
  • finishes
  • thermicity
  • Humidity Resistance

Weak points

  • Price


  • Construction: 9/10
  • Thermicity: 9/10
  • Praticabilité: 9/10