Sleeping Bag Wilsa KL 350

sleeping bag Wilsa KL 350

Test conditions:

  • Tester: yoyo
    test Location: Hauts Vercors plateau: Chaumailloux and Herboully / Vallon Combeau
    Nights: 4
    Lodging: Shack, tent
    conditions bivouac: 1 start of the night under the stars
    Conditions: Fair, clear skies with no wind
    Clothing: short sleeve thermal top
    T ° mini noted: 5 ° C

Brand: Wilsa
Model: KL 350
Bag Type: Down shaped sarcophagus
Shell: ripstop 300T
Cloth: tactel 260T
fluff blowing quality: 350 gr
filling: 90% down white goose
Weight (with cover): 1.06 kg
Sizes: 215 x 80
color: blue-gray and beige
manufacturing location: n
recommended retail price: 160 euros

Temperatures in 13537 (data constructor)
: 3 ° C
limit: -4 ° C
Extreme: -16 ° C

Small footprint.
Robust with resistant outer fabric.
Opening of the original head to the proper isolate themselves from the outside air while having a good opening for breathing.
Setting possibilities of the head.

.Poor thermal protection against the announced temperature indices
Duvet little swelling.
Weight & dimensions Report / efficiency: in fact for just 350 g it weighs down that even more than a kilo for poor thermal protection.

What we think:
-Note manufacturing quality: 7 out of 10
.Good overall quality of exterior and interior elements (not down)
Robustness: to see to use but better than some upscale duvets that neglects this point there to gain weight.
Cup: original. The head opening is interesting but absolutely useless in this type of fluff struggling to protect temperatures around 5 ° C.

-Note thermicity: 3 of 10
This is slightly down swelling. Temperatures for sleeping bags given by the gradinmath are too low relative to use in real conditions. Already at 5 ° outside, it is very cold. So the impression of heat is not very good.
-4 ° usage limit, that is if you are dressed from head to foot with warm clothes. -16 ° extreme it’s completely impossible! Duvets on big brands with more than 800 g of down it is difficult to achieve these temperatures!

-Practicability Rating: 6 of 10
Open / Close: works well overall, but we manage to even hang a little, it lacks a cord (on my model) on the inside zip. So in the dark, the internal opening is difficult to find and shoot.
Tightening: there is the possibility to adjust the hood.
Accessory: classic small storage at the shoulders.

A practical bag for camping, hiking in summer and small budgets.