Sleeping Bag Inflatable Sleeping Rest Camping Pool-light Blue

Product details: not informed: sleeping bag inflatable sleeping rest camping pool.

Summer is coming and with it the warm weather and the outdoor vacation. Whether it’s camping, at the beach, or at music festivals. Wherever it is, it is always good to have a place to lie down or sit on those heights. The inflatable bed bag can serve both situations. Portable and lightweight can carry it in any way. No need for a filling pump, it can be filled against the wind in less than 10 seconds, practical to use. With a maximum weight of 200kg, 2-3 people can use it comfortably.
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Just found it!
Super soft and cozy, it is made of ultra sturdy material, being very comfortable and durable.
Wherever you go, always feel comfortable!
It is easy to inflate, just move the bag to fill it with air in seconds.
It can be a bed or even a sofa for two people as it is very comfortable.
Even being great after use is easily empty and stored in a small pouch that allows you to take it anywhere you want!
It is the perfect companion for all your outdoor activities such as trips, parties, beach trips, festivals, camping, barbecues, and park wherever you want.
And because of its durable, super tough fabric, it can be used under the most extreme conditions, for example, in the sand of the beach.
Your fabric will ensure that you can wear it hundreds of times.
For it to last a long time and accompany you on various adventures, remember not to jump on top, and be careful not to put it on sharp stones or sharp objects.
They are very easy to clean: Just use warm water and mild soap.
Ultra lightweight and easily inflatable, extremely comfortable.
Relax in the park, on the beach anywhere, anytime.
A product with lifestyle innovation, it was created to relax perfectly anywhere.
No external pump is needed!
So it can be inflated and emptied in a few seconds and stored in a small backpack, giving you the opportunity to carry your sleeping bag wherever you want.
Because it is waterproof, it can be used even in pools and ponds!
Perfect for those who care about personal well-being and environmental preservation, because with it you can combine the two benefits into one product.
This could only be achieved through a multi-stage development process focusing on materials, technology, design functionality, as well as high standards of quality and environmental sustainability.
Main characteristics:

Can serve as a sleeping bag or sofa in outdoor activities;
Made of high-quality nylon, durable to use;
1.5KG in weight, can take you anywhere anytime;
200kg maximum weight for 2-3 people;
With a carry bag, easier to pack.

It does not need a filling pump, it can be filled against the wind in less than 10 seconds;
Keep away from heat or high temperatures, sharp objects;
Do not jump on top.
Instructions for use:

  1. Remove the bed bag from the carrying bag, hold it and shake it in the wind, the air will automatically enter a brief moment;
    2. Wrap the latch to seal and tighten the buttons.