Since 6 December At Aldi: New Technology Offers

LCD flat-screen TV Tevion MD 30302 549 euro

according to the manufacturer, the device has a visible screen diagonal of 81 centimeters. The maximum resolution is 1,366 x 768 pixels. The TV carries the HD ready logo, can play so high resolution movies. Furthermore, the Tevion MD 30302 with two HDMI Sockets waits can be connected to the external devices (as a DVD player or a video game console). Thanks to two built-in TV-tuner, various programs can be simultaneously received (picture in picture function). The video text stores 1,000 pages.

the Tevion MD 30302 is available in silver or black. Aldi sets the TV remote control, a wall mount, as well as network and antenna cable at.
assessment: measured at the technical data provided by Aldi, the price represents a good deal.

DVD recorder Medion MD 82000 for 299 euro 
lots of movies can be stored with the Medion MD 82000. The 360 GB hard drive makes this possible. The videos can be burned on all common DVD blanks. The DVD player swallows all common video formats, among others, also MP4 and DivX. The recorder is programmed by ShowView or timer; an electronic program guide (EPG) but missing. The footage can be edited via remote control. So about annoying advertising interruptions can be cut out or set chapter marks. The Medion MD is 82000 with remote control delivered.
assessment: A DVD recorder with 360 GB hard drive for less than 300 euros – that’s cheap. Although an electronic program guide (EPG), the programming and scheduling of recordings is very easy with the missing device. This Aldi bought a very large hard drive for less than 445 hours film.

Note: AUDIO VIDEO photo image has not tested both devices, but only refers to the specifications provided by the manufacturer. ««««(rs)

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