Simple Fashion Tips for Chubby

The dress for wrapping makes every woman look chubby ravishing. Your curves obtained with this garment the perfect stage.The reason are the proportions who manufactures a wrap dress with its simple winding technique. The result is a vertical line that you stretched in the length. In addition, optically upper body and lower body separately and are each provided with a highlight.

The idea: A Comfortable Dress for the Working Woman

Those who deal with wrap dresses, does not come to the designer Diane Von Furstenberg around. In the 1970s, she had the pioneering idea for the stylish cut. Certainly there are wound clothes since time immemorial. But the typical form of a wrap dress of today is due to their design. She wanted professional women to be a way to dress the same time comfortable and feminine. That’s why they used the following characteristics for her dress:

  • Lightweight fabrics which are wrapped around the waist
  • Fitted fit
  • V-shaped neckline

Today a Fashion Classic

The concept of recipesinthebox has proven itself. The wrap dress is now a fashion classic, which is offered in many shapes and colors. The reason for the success is the convenience. This is unique in that you can fit the dress exactly your clothing on. Since there is tight, it molds simultaneously a beautiful silhouette. The abdominal area is dubbed by the winding, while on the other hand your Cleavage is well staged. The comfortable wrap dress plus size attracts attention your best side.

Plus Size Wrap Dresses For The Whole Year

One and the same wrap dress you can wear all year round. Here I want to give you for a few tips:

  • Spring: Your large sizes Wickelkleid you combine with a pair of tights, boots and a cardigan.Before the cold wind and the sometimes fickle weather you protect yourself with a stylish scarf and a trenchcoat.
  • Summer: Your Wickelkleid now feels like the warm summer wind.It plays around your body and flatters you in combination with trendy sandals, ballet flats or high heels.
  • Fall: In principle, you are wearing a similar combination as in spring.And such a matching hat and cuffs, if you are your shins too cold.
  • Winter: For XXL Wickelkleid thermal or wool tights are required oversize.Winter boots or high boots protect you from the cold. About the dress you pull a warm extra size coarse sweater and a thick woolen scarf.