Sidi Road Shoes Top 5

Change of season, we review our equipment and we see that it is time to change our old slippers, bravely endured all last season.

Sidi Road Shoes Top 5

For you, that you are a fan of the cycling road, today we bring you the Top 5 of shoes Sidi road.

Sidi technology

Sidi Italian is one of the companies with more experience in the creation of cycling shoes, offering their technological developments since 1960. All Sidi boots feature replaceable spare parts original spare parts of the signature, and this makes that are made to last.

Sidi road shoes models are designed to optimize the transmission of power to the pedal, with a sole specialized for the road, offering rigidity, but without forgetting the comfort of the foot.

Then you leave the favorite models of the experts:

Sidi Wire

The “Crown jewels”. These shoes of highest Sidi range offer the best performance and comfort on the road, for the most demanding riders, thanks to its ergonomic shape and technology Soft Instep 3 made with materials thermoformed allowing all shoes fit best foot.

Vent coal, sole it thanks to its hardness, carbon fibre offers great resistance to impacts, even more than steel, besides being lightweight and comfortable, far more than in the previous version of this model of sneakers of route. Sidi has also placed an adjustable sole ventilation system, thinking about the different needs of each field and their temperatures.

The Sidi Wire offer a uniform distribution of pressure on the foot and reduce the risk of sudden movements

With the Wire Road will have an optimal and personalized fit, uniform distribution of pressure on the foot and reduce the risk of sudden movements, especially valued in sprints or strong climbing attribute. This is due to its close of boa with crossover cables in the front of the instep (very adjustable and which distributes the pressure appropriately) andgreat upper Strip which also allows a distributed but firm grip.

To complete the perfect fit, the Wire incorporate an adjustable heel to heel we don’t dance at times of maximum demand.

Sidi Shoes 4 Ergo

Along with the iconic models of the Italian House to the cycling road, we have the quality of the Sidi Ergo. These boots are known for their materials.

Manufactured with sole Vent Carbon, the body of the shoe is built with mesh nylon and microfibers, which makes them flexible, waterproof and breathable. The Microfiber is a synthetic material that is considered better than leather for footwear, developed with origin vegetable and free of metals that provide you unnecessary weight.

His touch is varnished, as well as being attractive, has the peculiarity of prevent that dirt is stuck to the shoe, so you can easily clean them after the departure.

The Ergo have (like the Sidi Wire) system Adjustable Heel Retention Device, which prevents the foot to move, preventing damage when climbing or sprints. This coupled with his top strip that keeps the upper part of the empeina subject loosely, and to lower boa and velcro closures, turn the Ergo into one of the best shoes on the market.

Sidi Road Kaos

The Sidi Kaos are a model with high-end features but which has been designed to be more affordable.

Kaos road boots boast exclusive of Sidi, “Caliper” closing a micrometric closure that adjusts the pressure in the shoe, adjusting to all the vamp, this combines with boa’s cross rope that we also see in the Wire. Also have the same painting to the high ranges, with the advantages that this entails.

They also have another new feature of this company, the sole Millenium 4 which consists ofcarbon fiber injected into a nylon matrix, to provide it with more stiffness than a common nylon sole. Through this practice is able to maintain rigidity that gives the carbon but keeping cost, since who want to buy shoes Sidi Kaos wants high performance at low cost.

The road Sidi Kaos slippers are available in 5 colors

Sidi Shoes 7 Genius

Certainly the flagship of Sidi in recent years, the Sidi Genius proved to be one of the most reliable road shoes and best value quality price in the market.

The Genius has the sole Millenium, which is 36% more rigid that the sole Millenium earlier, as well as more resistant to different temperature changes. Like the sole of the Kaos, iscomposed of injected carbon fiber to a nylon matrix.

They combine the micrometric closure with velcro closure dentando, a long-tested systemand applied in many other models, in addition to being manufactured in Lorica and nylon mesh, the Genius become an option very resistant to scratches and torn. Ideal for constant use.

Sidi Level

These shoes are a choice smart for the cyclist who wants to start to take things more seriously, buy the Sidi Level is getting into a range of quality.

Sidi Level road shoes feature an excellent quality / price ratio. The main fabric used in their manufacture is Lorica and also includes screen to maintain the cooling.

The clamping is achieved through wide strip Soft Instep 2 and two resistant very adjustable velcro straps, allowing that he allows a comfortable and secure fit. The employed sole is also the Millennium 4 which ensures rigidity for an efficient pedaling and without losing power transmission.

The Sidi Level features 3 brightly colored

Tea encuenta that the Sidi shoes are close form, which recommend a number and even 2 numbers more in some cases regarding other manufacturers.