Sidi Arcadia Tex Boots


Is it possible to ride every day to bike or scooter with boots protective and effective while maintaining more than a touch of elegance on a day in the city? With the Arcadia, Sidi is trying to prove that Yes. For men but also for women.

Specializing in the boots, the Italian brand Ezinereligion had good sneakers motorcycle in the catalogue but had not yet real urban boots. This is now done with the Arcadia, a model combining leather, textile and suede to seduce the followers of sobriety or look connected to their café-racer. Attention however, if rainy driving.

Boots Sidi Arcadia: The discretion not to mention safety?

The Arcadia are are biased to a leather full grain. The sides are however in textile in order to increase the flexibility all while maximizing breathability. One feature that will be appreciated in the summer and may-season but that will limit the use of the Arcadia to the mild temperatures. On each ankle boots, the reinforcement of the selector and the top of the stem are covered in suede. The comfort and the look certainly gain. We hope, however, that the reinforcement of the selector will not wear too quickly. The Arcadia have hulls at the level of the two malleoli. Strongly notched, the sole in bumpers are in black or white, depending on the colours chosen for the boots. Everyone to see if he prefers discretion or effect mode. Finally, the tightening is done with laces but, on a daily basis, it is a zip placed on the inner side, which ensures the closure.

Available from 37 to 46 in black, or dark brown boots Sidi Arcadia suit both men and women, unlike their competitors Xpd X-Village presented yesterday, so they have the advantage to withstand the rain. Count €199.90 for the pair.