Short Bathrobe

The scent of violet candles, flickering light and romantic on the walls, a bath full of foam and essential oils and then there’s him: the short robe, ready to welcome you in a warm embrace! A useful and functional accessory but that gives a nod to aesthetics and style. Find out more about Dalani and registratevigratuitamente to receive daily many proposals of designer furniture and accessories!

Short bathrobe, elegance in bathroom

Beauty, comfort and practicality: a short robe provides all these features into a single product that becomes a must for the woman who likes to be comfortable, but not renounce the femininity and elegance first thing in the morning, while the hair is still wet is the slalom between the bathroom and the kitchen, preparing for a new day of work.


Get out of the shower, surround yourself with all the softness of a soft cotton Terry short bath robe, or take it with you even in contexts outside the home when you go to the gym or pool: stick it in the bag for sport, without having to deal with the limited space. Choosing a short bathrobe honeycomb pattern the lightness will constitute a further reason to love your short robe, from which you will never want to separate you nor outside or inside the House. Spaced between models of different lengths depending on the size will not exceed the 90 cm, opt for this type of bathrobe with belt, hood and convenient pockets, details that combine in an embrace functionality and style to your everyday well-being.

Short robe, relaxation for him and her

In the evening, after a day of exhausting and stressful job, there is nothing better than finding a bath full of foam, ready waiting for us to relax. If during the week there are content with a quick shower time for trouble, the weekend or in the evening, after returning from work, it is really important to be able to take a nice hot bath that can give half an hour of relaxation! In either case, the important thing is that there is a soft and warm bathrobe short to greet us and wrap ourselves in a tight affair. Make the atmosphere even more nutritious and softening bath salts with small scented candles and switch to frame your salle de bain with romantic light reflections. The sound of running water, the transparency of bubbles, a sweet scent of violet: for a moment of happiness worthy of a five-star spa!

Bathrobe short declined to robe

If short bathrobe robe for you also you can’t rhymes with give up a fresh-cut satin short kimono robe, embellished with a shiny beading and dyed to prints from Oriental references from pop of color. This type of split sleeve short robe has three quarters and a convenient self tie belt closure at waist, practical and high sophistication is a truly elegant garment that besides look good when worn, not sfigurerà even if sitting on the Chair next to the bed: gloss reflected on a precious fabric for a short robe that besides being functional will be also nice. For a soft caress first thing in the morning, slide the cool satin on the skin and surround yourself with bright reflections and enveloping short bathrobe.

Short bathrobe, irresistible softness

The short robe is one of those accessories that can not miss in your home: put him on a wrought iron towel bar, along with towels and bath sheets to recreate Provencal atmospheres and all-female. For women who are either willing to renounce to elegance, there are models of short robe with embroidery and handmade decorations, which make this charming accessory, as well as practical and functional, classy too. A great gift idea for you and your partner may be the set of ladies ‘ and men’s short bathrobe coordinated, to infuse the bathroom of your home a touch of style.

What are you waiting for? Get inspired by Dalani and choose the robe short Terry cloth, Microfiber or honeycomb that you like! Love your home!