Shopping Tips for Wrap Dresses

An wrap dress is a timeless, comfortable fashion classicthat almost every woman. But the classic wrap dress from the 70s has evolved in the meantime: today, there are the classics in a variety of different shapes, colors, patterns and materials. Even though you pretty much know what you want – if so you’re like me, you have to try to probably still many wrap dresses, before you find a suitable specimen. Because a future part of basic in your perfect wardrobe, everything must be just: the details of the cut should flatter your figure. The color, the pattern and the appearance of the dress should fit on your style type and the events to which you want to wear it. And the material should meet your needs on portability, convenience, and ease of care. These are many needs that must satisfy a wrap dress.

Shopping Tips for Wrap Dresses

As always, if there is a project to consider many things, I’m a little checklist. It so, my checklist to buy a wrap dress here. You can download the Checklist (PDF, 1 page, 386 KB) and print. And then take to your next shopping trip in terms of dress. Much success!

Tip: Make the dress rehearsal when shopping!

Another tip: when shopping you should take the most important parts of the station wagon, as well as the matching underwear to try. That’s what I call the “dress rehearsal”. Everything is exactly as it should – later also be worn including the right shoes, socks and bags. So, you significantly reduce the risk of a Fehlkaufs. You will immediately realize whether something fits or not just? Then also no Schönreden help according to the motto: “If I would wear now slightly higher shoes and a body shaper, that looks definitely good.” Forget that! It may sound somewhat hard, but wishful thinking does not help, if you want to put together your perfect wardrobe . So: Clearly formulate what you want and need. And then go through your checklist, to think of everything, what is important to you. The wrap dress is the test, you can look forward to. Because then you have found a new, loyal companion for your life.

And if not? This is so bad! I’m sure that you can get through search time in well after the perfect dress. After all, your wardrobe is not so empty, or? Now I can tell it Yes to you: to my perfect dress I’ve been looking for three years… And it has paid off so far more than!

And what is your experience? Have you already found your perfect dress or are you still looking?

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