Shoesticker for Wedding for Bride and Groom

You’re looking for funny wedding accessories? Proper eye-catchers, which make the wedding guests smile? We would have something for you: Shoesticker for the wedding!

The eyecatcher – for the bride, for example, of rhinestone – is available in a variety of designs, colors and sizes.They are simply glued under the sole of the shoes of the bride and/or groom and are thus not always visible.

The highlight:

It is not until the kneeling of the altar or when the bridal couple swing wildly the funny wedding accessories become visible. This makes for the wedding guests of course for surprised faces and the one or the other laughter.

Our tip from Sticks the shoe stickers so that they do not come into contact with the ground when walking (relatively close to the heel).

Sayings for shoestickers to the wedding

Here is a small collection of the most beautiful and humorous sayings:

I want
Me too
I do
Me too
She’s mine
I love her!
She does
Mr. & Mrs.
Help me
Game over
The shoes are also a nice accessory for your wedding photos and should definitely be photographed!

Since they can easily be removed again, it is also no problem to sell the wedding shoes again later or to use for other occasions.

Whoever wants to pick up the wedding stickers in the wedding album can easily remove them from the soles and keep them as a reminder.

The shoes are a really nice trend with a surprise effect.

In any case, many amused guests will surely be sure when you are kneeling at the wedding ceremony in the church.Have lots of fun with it!

The most beautiful shoesticker for the wedding

I do

The handmade shoes of rhinestones in pink fit perfectly to the princess wedding!Also available in silver or gold.

I Do in Blue

As an alternative to the garter belt or “something blue”, the stickers for the wedding are also available in blue.

I want

If you would rather also say German:I want shoe stickers in blue.

Help me

The groom’s dumb “help cry” with winking eyes.Funny and surprising!

Even more funny variation:If the bride is wearing this shoesticker …

I Do, Me Too

In blue, pink or white: shoesticker in double pack for bride and groom.

He’s mine

Romantic and so matching the wedding!Also available with “She’s mine”.

Shoesticker with heart

Whether it’s underneath or underneath – these golden heeled shoes are particularly chic.

I Do in Black

Not so glittering, but with heart:The shoestickers can also be supplemented with “Me Too”.

Personalized shoestickers

Very personal:Your new name and your wedding date under the shoe.Available in many colors.

Shoesticker with initials and date

A great memory and a nice photo-motif:Your shoesticker with initials and wedding date.

Also available with other colors and motifs.